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Acting is much easier than politics: Kangana

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Bollywood “queen” Kangana Ranaut ran for the BJP and recently won the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in the Mandi constituency. In an interview with The Himachali Podcast, she mentioned that working in movies is much easier than in politics. She also said she had been offered to join politics in the past as well.

Kangana said, “This is not the first time I was approached to join politics. I have received several other offers in the past. After my debut “Gangster”, I was offered a ticket. My great-grandfather was an MLA for at least three terms. So when you belong to such a family, and taste some success, the local leaders approach you. It is very common. In fact, my father had also received an offer. My sister was offered to join politics after she survived an acid attack. So for us, it is not a big deal for us to get political offers…If I wasn’t interested in this, I didn’t really have to go through so much trouble.”

“I am a person who goes with passion. Even in the film industry, I am an actor, writer, director and producer. Here in my political career, if I have to engage myself with the people here, I will go ahead with it. There is no compulsion. However, I won’t deny that the work in the film industry is comparatively easier than in politics. The latter takes a lot of effort. This is a harsh life, just like doctors, where only troubled people come to see you. When you go to watch a film, you are very relaxed. But, politics is not like that.” She also added.


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