June 14, 2024, 2:18 pm

Austerity, Brexit, and corruption

—Niaz Alam—  Assuming opinion polls are correct, he will also lead his Conservative government to a historic general election defeat on July 4. One that seemed impossible after the 2019 Read More

Ministerial pronouncements and the rule of law

—Syed Badrul Ahsan— The Benazir Ahmed issue goes on exercising minds in the country. It will not go away any time soon, the expectation being that nothing will be done

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World Environment Day: Integrated Strategic Approach Crucial in Restoring Ecosystem

—Dr Kanan Purkayastha— On 5 June World Environment Day (WED) will be celebrated around the world led by the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP). Since the Stockholm conference on human

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Sir culture from public services needed elimination

—-MIR MOSHARREF HOSSAIN PAKBIR—- In a democratic society, the relationship between public servants and the citizenry is fundamental to the effective functioning of governance. In Bangladesh, as in any democracy,

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The Full Plate of the PM’s New Press Secretary

—Syed Badrul Ahsan— After days of speculation on social media about the appointment of a new Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, we now have a conclusive outcome. Nayeemul Islam

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