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Allegation of terrible fraud by tea shopkeeper using name of judges

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Salim Talukdar from Shahjadpur (Sirajganj):

Allegation of misappropriating money has been intensified against a tea shopkeeper in Shahzadpur upazila of Sirajganj district using the name of judges.

Meanwhile, the incident has come into discussions in the area.

According to the sources, a youth named Rafique has been carrying a tea stall in front of Chowki Court at Shahzadpur Upazila Parishad premises in Sirajganj district for last few years. He also supplies foods to several justices of the Chowki Adalat (Court) regularly.

Taking the advantage, he has been amassing money from the trial seekers assuring them to manage the judges in which the trial goes in favour of them.

Like many others, he took over Tk 1.5 lakh from one justice seekers named Shushil Kumar Ghos of Beltoil village in the same upazila assuring him to ensure justice of a case in favour of him, the victim complained.

The complainant said, Rafique pledged to bring the verdict in favour of him by managing Mamun-or-Rashid, elite judge of the Joint Session Judge Court. But, he failed to do that. Even, he declined to return the money taken promising to ensure fair justice. Meanwhile, a written complaint has been submitted to the concerned authorities demanding action against Rafique.

During an investigation, this correspondent came to know that, Rafique is addicted to drugs. He swindles with the people in different policies. He had also realized big amount of money from different persons promising to provide jobs.

Advocate Sheikh Abdul Hamid Lavlu, General Secretary of Shahzadpur Lawyer Association said, “It’s a gruesome offense to cheat with people in the name of managing judges. As a tea seller, he has been running such crimes for long, which has tarnished the images of the justices and lawyers. This is why, action should take against him immediately.”

While contacted, Rafique admitted about taking Tk 10,000 from one Shushil Kumar Ghos and promised to return the money as soon as early.

In this regard, the working lawyers, their associates and justice seekers demanded action against Rafique.


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