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‘Bangladeshi workers missed entry deadlines to regain jobs in Malaysia’

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Bangladesh High Commissioner to Malaysia Shameem Ahsan said he is maintaining close communications with employers to ensure that Bangladeshi workers who missed their entry deadlines can regain their jobs.

The last flight carrying expatriate workers on calling visas left Dhaka on Thursday night. According to the decision of the Malaysian government, Friday was the final opportunity for these workers to enter the country.

However, despite having all necessary documents, 4,000 Bangladeshi workers were unable to travel to Malaysia due to not getting air tickets.

Besides, Civil Aviation operated a total of 12 flights on the Dhaka-Kuala Lumpur route and sent around 2,000 migrant workers.

Upon receiving the information, Shameem Ahsan visited the airport on Friday night and spoke with the Bangladeshi workers.

He assured them that he is maintaining close communication with the employers to ensure that Bangladeshi workers can enter the country immediately and regain their jobs.

“We have attested more than 5.27 demand letters for Bangladeshi workers, and so far, 4.72 lakh workers have entered the country. However, 28,000 workers have still not been able to reach Malaysia. We are actively working to ensure their immediately entry,” he said.

The Southeast Asian country reopened its labor market to Bangladesh in 2022 following a four-year suspension. Last year, Malaysia emerged as the second-largest overseas job market for Bangladesh.

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