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BNP getting weakened in politics: Quader

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Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader today said BNP is becoming weak organizationally day by day for adopting ill-strategy avoiding pro-people politics.
“As a political party, BNP cannot add any new dimension in mass politics. So, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir is making same remarks on media regularly. He is constantly presenting fake and baseless story of repression and torture,” he said in statement.
Quader said BNP has adopted a new ill-strategy for concealing their failure in calling any pro-people political program me. The party leaders are making evil efforts to get sympathy by presenting them as repressed and tortured, he said. “Because of such evil strategy, BNP is becoming organizationally weak day by day,” he said. The AL general secretary said Awami League remains in power with people’s mandate. Different countries and originations and their leaders congratulated successful statesman Sheikh Hasina for her election as the prime minister for the fifth time and recognized her government, he said.

BNP, which itself is facing the crisis of existence and reached near political bankruptcy, is now talking about the government’s existence, he said.
Noting that BNP is an artificially created political party, the AL general secretary said BNP always makes evil efforts to create artificial political crisis through presenting fake, fabricated and politically motivated remarks. Quader said BNP should realise that the government has to work for controlling anti-state activities not opposition party. So, keeping own party leaders and workers away from anti-state and terrorist activities will be better for BNP, he said. Quader said the people’s democratic rights remain protected at the hands of Awami League. On the other hand, the people don’t forget the misrule, corruption and looting of BNP government, he said.
During the BNP tenure, the entire country became a safe haven of terrorism and militancy, said Quader.
The people don’t want to return to the dark days, the AL general secretary said.

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