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Bogura’s yogurt traders seek export facilities

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Rehennuma Tarannum back from Bogura:
Bogura traders want to supply their most popular curd to abroad with a view to spread it’s taste to international area.
Though, this famous yogurt achieved Geographical Indication (GI) recognition on June 26 through a meeting of the Directorate of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (DPDT), an organization under the Ministry of Industries after scrutiny, the producers and traders can’t present their traditional products-yogurt, locally called as Doi in the world market right now due to lack of international standard airport and Export Processing Zones (EPZ) in Bogura or its neighboring areas.
As a result, their dreams are not being realized soon even after huge feasibility in the sector. The leaders of the traders demand immediate necessary steps of the authorities concern in which they are able to supply the traditional Doi to abroad. Md. Masudur Rahman Milon, President of Bogura Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) told The Daily Sky that, “The Doi (curd/yogurt) of Bogura has been rearing the tradition of almost two and a half hundred years old and now it has been created a new milestone by achieving GI recognition. It has shown new ray of hope among the curd producers and traders.”
Milon further said, “The government policy makers should make right plan and act properly to implement the dream. Bogura’s curd is not only tradition and pride; rather it is very important from the business and economic aspect. Due to huge demand of curd, many dairy farms have been established in the region. Besides, a good number of potters are still now involved with this trade. They run their livelihoods by providing various types of earthen pots locally known as Sora as huge numbers of earthen pots are used regularly to produce and sell the curd.”
“All in all, many people have been directly and indirectly involved with curd business. Bogura’s curd can be exported abroad, if it gets government nod,” he added. Once upon a time, people of ‘Ghosh’ community used to go around the village and sell locally produced yogurt. Business patterns have now been changed over time. Now traders sell curds in well-decorated showrooms in the district and upazila towns. Bogura’s Sora Doi (curd) is very popular in entertaining guests on various festivals and social occasions including weddings, Eid, Pohela Baishakh or New Year.
Bogura’s yogurt are nowadays going to different countries of the world including India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Japan, Australia and Europe through many expatriate Bangladeshis and foreign tourists. Diaspora traders are also making and selling curd abroad after hiring producers or workers from Bogura. Currently, yogurt is being produced in 12 upazilas of Bogura district including Sherpur, Kahalu, Dupchachiya, Shariakandi, Dhunot, Shahzahanpur, Adamdighi, Nandigram, Gabtoli, Sonatola and Shibganj upazila. However, the business of curd is more in the district town (Sadar upazila) and Sherpur upazila.
A sweetmeat trader in Sherpur told The Daily Sky that, “The yogurt market has grown gradually in the area due to long experience of producers and traders, high quality control and hygienic environment of the factories.” He said, usually 40 liters of milk are used in making of around 30 Sora (pot) of curd, while about 6 kg of sugar is required to make sweet curd. Each pot contains 500 to 700 grams of curd, while each Sora is sold between Tk 300 and Tk 350 depending on the size of pot, price of milk and sugar. Some of the famous yogurt manufacturers in Bogura in terms of taste and quality are Asia Sweets, Akbaria Grand Hotel, Doighar, Shyamoli Hotel, Rafat Doighar, Muharram Ali’s Doi, Gaur Gopal’s Doi, Chinipata Doighar, Sherpur Doighar, Food Village, Saudia, Joljo and Baikali.
Traders said, curd worth at least Tk 1 crore is sold daily in Bogura, while curd worth around Tk 10 crore more is sold in surrounding 15 other districts. They have acquired all kinds of capabilities within the country. Even few amount of curd goes to different countries with the hands of local people. Bogura yogurt has now gained a reputation everywhere. But exporting commercially requires state action facilities like EPZ and international standard airport.
It is to be mentioned that, yogurt has time limitations. It should be delivered to the consumers within 24 hours after its production. Otherwise, the taste and quality of curd will not be obtained properly. This is why; sending curd quickly to abroad, air communication system is a must.

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