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Corona forces many children to join in works leaving education

  • Update Time : Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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The number of child laborers at different risky professions has been increased again silently due to long time closure of all educational institutions across the country centering the ongoing corona pandemic.

Meanwhile, many students belonging to the poor and poorest families have engaged in different works to fulfill the economic demands of their families during the lockdown imposed frequently by the government to prevent spread of corona infection.

Due to long term closure of educational institutions, experts apprehend that the number of dropout from schools would be increased, if the corona situation remains unchanged.

According to the survey of an NGO, many students have already taken works at different places including in workshops, motor garages, shops and even in construction sites to generate foods or money during the pandemic. Many of them, who don’t find any work, are engaging into various criminal activities including stealing.

Experts said, corona lashed the educational sector of the country drastically.

Though, Bangladesh recently achieved the goal of cent percent admission in primary schools, at least 5 crore students from pre-primary to higher education have now fallen in trouble as pre-determined educational schedule has already been ravaged due to corona clutch.

Experts said, many people have lost their jobs and gone to different villages along with their families leaving cities or towns centering the dire financial straits caused by corona pandemic. In this situation, many students have already left their study and joined in different works to meet the demand of their families. If such dropout of students continues to increase, the number of child laborers will increase more in future.

Authorities concerned said, it will be a big challenge for the government to bring back the dropout students to schools after normalcy of the corona situation.

Meanwhile, the ongoing shutdown of all educational institutions in the country has been extended till May 29.

At the beginning of the epidemic, the country’s educational institutions have been closed for about 14 months since March 16 last year.

Education Ministry sources said, online education activities will be continued until returning of the normalcy and teachers-students and parents will have to abide by the health rules.

As an alternative, the government is trying to keep the education system active through TV, online, radio and mobile phone.

But, a study by Education Watch’s 2020-21 found that, 69 percent of primary and secondary students were out of online education system during the epidemic due to various reasons. Around 31.5 percent of the students participated in the learning process, while about 69.5 percent had remained out of participation. Only 37.8 percent of the students belonging to solvent families have got assistance from their families or others.

Earlier, the government in consultation with the National Technical Advisory Committee on Corona had decided to reopen the school-college from May 23. But, the ongoing rise in coronavirus infections and concerns over the Indian variant along with imposed health restrictions, the opening of educational institutions including schools and colleges has made delayed further. Even, if the educational institution is opened, it will not be open for everyone at first. At first, only classrooms were to be opened for SSC and HSC candidates. It is planned to take exams after taking classes in their short syllabus.

Around 19 percent of primary and 25 percent of secondary school students are at risk for want of learning. In such a situation, the educationists urged the government to take a long-term plan to compensate for this loss of education. Many have also suggested opening educational institutions in areas where there is little or no infection. The rate of education of girls in the country is increasing due to various stipend activities of the government. In the meantime, the participation of boys and girls in primary and secondary is equal. Girls have also advanced in education in higher secondary. But corona is increasing the dropout in girls’ education. As a result, child marriage has increased in many areas.

Rasheda K Chowdhury, former advisor and executive director of the mass literacy campaign said, “Our educational institutions have remained closed for a long time. It is a new challenge to make educational work activate overcoming the pandemic.”

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