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Cyclone Remal: Animal death toll in Sundarbans rises to 100

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UNB, Dhaka:

The death toll of animals from the flooding in the Sundarbans has climbed to 100 after Cyclone Remal hit the world’s largest mangrove forest on Sunday.

According to the Forest Department, the carcasses of 96 deer and four wild bears were recovered from the forest till Thursday evening, indicating a great loss to wildlife.

The animals were found dead in several areas including Kotka, Kochikhali, Karamjal, Pakhi Char, Dimar Char, Shelar Char and Narikel Baria.

Moreover, 18 deer and one python were rescued in a critical condition. After giving first aid, they were released into the forest.

Alongside the wildlife losses, damages to various infrastructures in the forest were estimated at around Tk 6.27 crore.

However, the non-monetary damages were even more severe, according to the forest department.

Over 100 ponds in the forest were flooded with saline water, causing distress to both wildlife and the local residents.

An 11-kilometer area known as Gol Bagan was also damaged.

However, it will take more time to fully assess the extent of damages to the trees and animals in the forest.

Officials of the Forest Department said this time the forest faced an unusual situation due to cyclone Remal as it experienced two high tides and two low tides within a 24-hour period, flooding parts of the forest.

Mihir Kumar Dey, forest conservator in the Khulna range, said that the Sundarbans faced an unprecedented situation this time after the cyclone.

It will take more time to ascertain the full impact and gather accurate information, he added.





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