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Dhaka’s air getting toxic ahead of winter

  • Update Time : Thursday, October 8, 2020
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The proportion of air pollution in the capital city Dhaka is on the rise that puts the city dwellers at serious health risk.

In this situation, the city is getting unfit day by day for living. Polluted air with huge dusts is now working as a silent killer. The situation may be worsened during the winter, it necessary measures are not taken right now, experts said.

Dhaka often ranked no-1 in the world in terms of air pollution in the beginning of the year especially in January and February. The level of air pollution had reached the mark of 300pm. Then, it turned into an unlivable city causing concerned to the elites.

Though, the air pollution had been started reducing since March due to countrywide lockdown centering corona pandemic, the situation has been changed just after withdrawal of lockdown and reopening of the all offices and business establishments.

Sources said, the standard of air in the city was below of 100 marks in June and July last, which was considered as healthy. But, the air pollution started rising again on August, when the offices, courts, mills, factories and various modes of vehicles especially public transports started operating.

Experts apprehending that, the sky of Dhaka may be covered by dusts again with the ending of rains. Then, the air will turn into poisonous vapor due to dust pollution. If air pollution increases, colds, coughs and respiratory diseases will increase among the people of the capital. Experts believe that it may increase the risk of coronavirus infection for the city dwellers in the winter season.

Sharif Jamil, General Secretary of Bangladesh Paribesh Andolon (BAPA) said, “Air pollution in Dhaka was reduced few days ago due to lockdown over coronavirus pandemic. Nature got back life at that time. People took breath from pollution free air. But, with the reopening of mills, offices and business establishments including resume the movement of vehicles and digging here and there in the name of development works, Dhaka’s air has become toxic again. The brick kilns around the capital are going to be restarted within a few days. Then black smoke of the brick kilns will further pollute the air and sky of the capital. The Department of Environment has completely become failure to control these.”

“Though, the High Court recently directed to prevent air pollution in the capital, the Department of Environment is playing role as a silent visitor without taking appropriate steps to implement it,” he added.

After withdrawn of the undeclared lockdown imposed by the government to prevent coronavirus infection, city life has started getting back its previous shape.

The government’s ongoing development activities have already resumed. In particular, construction work of Metrorail and Elevated Expressway is now underway.

Digging here and there on the roads by different utility service providing organizations like WASA and City Corporation in the name of development works are going on in full swing. The brick kilns’ owners around the Dhaka city are taking preparation to start activities in late October or early November.

Then, the black smoke emitted from the brick kilns, expired vehicles plying in the capital and various industries will make the capital uninhabitable again.

Environmentalist architect Iqbal Habib, one of the leaders of the Save Dhaka movement, said that, “It is important to control the dusts generated from under construction buildings, roads and other sources to keep the city’s air free from pollution and lead a healthy and normal life. It is vital to ensure the safe disposal of industrial waste including shifting the factories away from the city and controlling black smoke. It is important to ensure the use of lead-free fuel including banning the movement of faulty and unfit vehicles on the city roads.”

“Besides, proper rules should be applied to control black smoke brick kilns by using recommended chimneys. People need to be encouraged to use renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. Uncontrolled and untimely road digging and set up open dustbin on the road side should be stopped. In order to do all those, all concerned including the Department of Environment and City Corporation have to fulfill their responsibilities in a coordinated manner,” he added. (Source: Online)


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