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Dhap-Washin High School in Tarash: Bribery allegation against recruiting bosses

  • Update Time : Tuesday, April 30, 2024
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Tk 24 lakh for 2 posts

Sabbir Mirza from Tarash:
Allegation of realizing big sum of bribe in the name of recruiting manpower at cleaner and nanny posts has been intensified against the Headmaster of Dhap-Washin High School located in Tarash upazila of Sirajganj district and its managing committee’s President. Meanwhile, a written complaint signed by five job seekers has been submitted to the authorities concerned seeking rapid action in this regard.
It is learnt from the written complaint that, in the first term, five job seekers respectively Md. Likhon Ahmed, son of Abdus Salam, Md. Abu Hashem, son of Abul Kalam, Md. Firoj Ahmed, son of Akbar Hossain , Md. Naim Hossain, son of Md. Salam and Mst. Rozina Khatun, daughter of Rafiqul Islam of Washin village under Madhainagor Union in Tarash upazila of Sirajganj district submitted applications on July 12, 2023 for cleaner and nanny posts of the educational institution. But, the school authorities postponed the recruitment exam date scheduled earlier for unknown reason and published another recruitment notice on October 30, 2023. The job seekers applied further for the mentioned posts. The recruitment examination date was cancelled again and another notice was published on newspaper on February 5, 2024. The five aspirants submitted fresh applications again for the jobs along with some other new candidates named Sumon Ahmed, son of Jamal Uddin and Mousumi Khatun, wife of Taiyob Ali of the same village. Sumon applied for cleaner post and Mousumi for nanny post. In the written complaint, it was revealed that, Headmaster of the school Nur Mohammad and President of the managing committee Habilur Rahman Habib, also Chairman of the local Union Parishad in collaboration with some officials of the concerned administration fixed May 5, 2024 as recruitment exam date. But, surprisingly rumor has spiraled in the area that, those, who are involved with the recruitment process have almost taken preparation to recruit Sumon Ahmed as Cleaner and Mousumi Khatun as Nanny in exchange of Tk 24 lakh as bribe. Each candidate is going to gain the job against Tk 12 lakh, they said. The complainants apprehended that, if the rumor is correct, they will be deprived of the jobs even after being highly eligible. In this situation, the job seekers demanded cancellation of the illegal recruitment process including the exam date for the sake of honest and eligible candidates. While contacted, Nur Mohammad, Headmaster of the school declined the allegation and said, “We will select the eligible and appropriate candidates for the post. We will appoint that person, who will obtain first position in the recruitment examination. So, there is no chance of anomaly or corruption in the recruitment process. Besides, no question of taking money as bribe in the name of recruitments does rise here.” Habilur Rahman Habib, President of the managing committee and also local Union Parishad Chairman similarly declined the allegation and boldly said that, “Recruitment will be done as per rule. The applicant, who will do well in recruitment exam, concerned recruitment board will take necessary steps to appoint him or her adopting enough honesty and sincerity.”
Md. Abdus Salam, Upazila Secondary Education Officer said, “Recruitment will complete, if necessary sound and healthy environment prevails. Otherwise, it will be postponed further.” Md. Khalid Hasan, Assistant Commissioner, Land and DG’s nominated representative for the recruitment board said, “I am yet to get any complaint in this regard. Necessary action would be taken after getting allegation.” It is to be mentioned that, although, the government has introduced teacher registration system under NTRC to prevent recruitment trade in educational institutions, there is no such system in the recruitment of lower positions or fourth class employees especially nannies and cleaners, many allegations of bribery in these recruitments are now starting to surface, which has forced the government think again. The applicants urged the higher authorities to take immediate steps in this regard in which a free, fair and transparence recruitment is done in the mentioned educational institution.

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