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Duck farming changes lot of Soniya

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Soniya taking care of her ducks in the farm. Photo: The Daily Sky

Monthly earnings at around Tk 30,000

Sabbir Mirza from Tarash:

Duck farming has changed the lot of a housewife in Lalua Majhira village in Tarash upazila of Sirajganj district. She has now become self-reliant by running a duck farm as her monthly earning from the farm has reached at around Tk 30,000.

Watching her achievement, many people in the area especially women are now showing interest to set up such type of duck farm and hatchery with the aim to remove poverty from their lives.

Local Livestock Department also assured to provide all kinds of supports, if someone like the housewife Soniya desires to set up duck farm.

Soniya Khatun, wife of Mubarak Ali of Lalua Majhira village in Tarash upazila of Sirajganj district is the housewife, who has set up the example of becoming self-sufficient by running duck farm.

Starting with 30 ducks, she has now become owner of 1200 ducks.

With the help of a local NGO, she has also set up a mini hatchery at her home, in where ducklings are produced from eggs. Later, those are supplied to various districts including Sirajganj town.

It is known that, Soniya Khatun got married off with Mubarak Ali of Lalua Majhira village of Tarash upazila of Sirajganj few years ago.

After marriage, there was scarcity in her family. To tackle the scarcity of the family, she set up the farm in 2022 with 30 ducks in a bid to make her self-sufficient. The number of ducks gradually increased to 1200 from 30 day by day.

She is now earning at around Tk 30,000 per month just by selling eggs and chicks or ducklings.

Farm owner Soniya Khatun said, “In the beginning, my financial condition was not so good.

That is why, I bought only 30 ducks and started rearing them. Now hundreds of ducks lay eggs every day in my farm. I sell those eggs after each three days.”

“I spent Tk 3 lakh to start my journey. Now, my capital has reached at around Tk 8 lakh. If someone wants to start such type of farm, I shall help her or him without any interest. I want that each woman of each family turn to be self reliant like me.”

Tarash Upazila Livestock Officer Dr. Md Oliul Islam said, “Soniya Khatun is a successful woman. She is also icon of society. We trained her. Besides, those who will do such farms will be given all kinds of support including regular training by the district livestock department.”

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