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Edu ministry prepares to open schools-colleges on April 28

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The Ministry of Education has made all kinds of preparations to open educational institutions from April 28. Besides, to recover the damage, the class activities will also be continued on Saturday from May 4.

Sources related to the Ministry of Education say that the current temperature in the country is “not the highest”. As the temperature is not the same in all regions, “students and parents in the village do not want schools to be closed”. Only city dwellers are in favor of the holiday.

Some instructions will be given to students to avoid harm and to keep them within the class activities. Activities like assembly will be closed during this period.

The educational institutions in the country were scheduled to open on April 21 after the long holiday of Eid-ul-Fitr and Nababarsha. However, the educational institution was closed for a week due to the sudden heatwave.

“The current temperature is not the highest in Bangladesh. Moreover, the current temperature in all regions of Bangladesh is not the same. For this, all preparations have been taken to open educational institutions from Sunday (April 28),” said the officials of the Ministry of Education.

If the educational institutions are opened, some instructions will be given to avoid any harm to the students during the heat. In this, students should be prevented from activities outside the classroom. Apart from this, the Assembly will remain closed until further orders.

Sources in the Ministry of Education also said that until further notice, class activities will continue from May 4 on the first Saturday after the opening of educational institutions after the ongoing holiday.

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