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Egg prices rising: Here’s why cost is increasing

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The price of eggs has started to increase again in the market of daily commodities. In a week, the egg prices have increased by 10 taka. Even a week ago, a dozen (brown) farm eggs were sold at around taka 130. Due to the increase in the price of eggs, there is unrest among the buyers.

It was found that eggs are being sold at Tk 135 to Tk 140 per dozen in some markets including Karwan and Moghbazar in the capital on Saturday. However, a dozen farm (white) eggs are being sold at Tk 125 to Tk 135. In addition to the farm, the price of duck eggs has also increased. Duck eggs are being sold at 80 taka, which has increased by 10 taka compared to a week.

A retail egg seller in Karwan Bazar said that the price of eggs has increased. The wholesalers said that the farmers have increased the prices, so the prices may increase further.

When asked about the reason for the price increase at the wholesale level, Tejgaon Egg Traders Multipurpose Cooperative Association President Mohammad Amanat Ullah said that the demand for eggs decreases during Ramadan. At that time, egg pieces in wholesale came down from Tk 7 to Tk 8. The production cost of an egg is more than 10 taka. That’s why many farmers have already reduced chicken production. It also reduced egg production. But the demand has not decreased. This has affected the price.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Egg Producers Association President Taher Ahmed Siddiqui told the media that the production has decreased due to the severe cold. Moreover, farmers are selling old chickens. The newly grown chicks are no longer fit to lay eggs. This is not a permanent problem. Egg-producing chickens are growing, the cold will decrease in the future, the production will be increased.

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