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Eid Day 5: What to watch on television today

  • Update Time : Monday, April 15, 2024
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Entertainment Desk:

Television channels are preparing to showcase an extensive variety of programs and dramas for the week-long celebration on the occasion of the festivities of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Let’s explore the exciting lineup of entertainment options available for the audience today (April 15), on the fifth day of Eid.

ATN Bangla

Serial drama ‘Alal and Dulal’ at 6:20 PM. Shamim Sarkar, Chashi Alam, Shokh acted on this drama. Package drama ‘Upri’ will telecast at 7.40 pm. Shamim Sarkar, Shokh acted on this drama. Tariq Anam Khan, Sarika starred drama ‘Porichoi’ will be telecasted at 8:45 pm.

Channel i

Jaher Alvi, Iffat Ara Tithi Starring ‘Shanir Dasha’ will telecast at 2:30 PM telefilm. Telefilm ‘Gharer Bou Nimpata’ at 4:30 PM. Mir Sabbir, Zakia Bari Momo acted on this telefilm. At 6.10 pm ‘Chhotkaku’ series Nakal Nokol Chhotakaku. Drama ‘Hridoyer Tan’ will telecast at 7.50 pm. Arsh Khan, Tanya Barshi acted on this drama. Pacakage ‘Basgiri’ at 9:35 PM. Niloy, Mahi acted on this play.


Telefilm ‘Mayalata’ will telecast at 2:30 PM. Arsh Khan, Tanya Barshi acted on this telefilm. Comedy show ‘Hasir Patra’ will telecast at 5.10 pm. Shaun Mazumder, Nova, Masud, Robin, Rhea and others participated on this program. Serial drama ‘Prabasi Paribar Eid Special’ at 6:45 PM. Starring Pran Roy, Maymuna Mom. At 7:55 PM, Musharraf Karim, Faria Shahreen starring the one-act play ‘Biswas Karibo Kare’. At 9:30 pm, the single drama ‘I Plus You’. Starring Yash Rohan, Tatini. At 11:05 pm, the one-act play ‘Bau Amar Jyobejibi’. Starring Musharraf Karim, Tanha Tasnia.


Talk show ‘Eid Carnival’ at 6 pm. Guest Aisha Khan participated the program. Serial drama ‘Tin Okkhore Naam Jaar’ at 7 pm. Actor Chashi Alam, Nadia acted on this drama. At 7.30 pm, the one-act play ‘Middle Class Mentality’ will be telecasted. Tanjin Tisha, Yash Rohan starring one-act play ‘Straight Forward’ will telecast at 11.30 pm. At 11 pm a single play ‘Chander Hasi’ will be telecasted. Starring Musharraf Karim, Anila Tanmuzam.

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