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Eid gift given by UP Chairman brings smile to 6,500 poor families

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Alhaj Md. Nabidul Islam, Chairman of Soydabad Union Parishad distributing Saree and Lungi as Eid gifts among the poor and helpless people in the area. Photo: TDS

Ashraful Islam Joy:

As the Eid-ul-Fitr, one of the largest religious festivals of the Mulsim, is knocking at the door, a Union Parishad Chairman has lent his helping hands to bring smile to about 6500 poor families in his electoral area.

Alhaj Md. Nabidul Islam, Chairman of Soydabad Union Parishad on Sunday morning distributed Saree and Lungi as Eid gifts among the helpless and poor families in his electoral area in which they can enjoy the Eid along with their near and dear ones. The greater initiative was taken by the Chairman with his own fund.

“I know that, many poverty stricken people, who live in the Jamuna basin area, don’t have capacity to enjoy Eid. Sensing the matter, I have taken initiative to provide some gifts to them in which they can celebrate the Eid festival with joy,” said Alhaj Md. Nabidul Islam, Chairman of the said Union Parishad.

The Chairman, who was elected for Saydabad Union Parishad, handed over the Eid gifts to the local poor and helpless residents attending as chief guest.

Soydabad Union Awami League President Saidul Islam Raja, Joint General Secretary Md. Rashidul Hasan Rashed, Office Secretary Sohag Hasan Pathik, Legal Affairs Secretary Md. Firoz Ahmed, Union Awami Mahila League President Fuara Khatun, General Secretary Rita Khatun, Union Jubo League President Md. Bellal Hossain, General Secretary Rigen Talukder, Union Jubo League Leader Md. Rubel Ahmed and Union Chhatra League President SM Saddam Hossain among others were also present on the occasion.

Ramichha Bewa, a resident of Soydabad area told The Daily Sky that, “I had no capacity to purchase any cloth for me or my family members centering the Eid. This is why, I had been passing days and night in grief. But now, I am very happy as I have got some clothes as gift given by the Chairman.”

Like Ramichha, many poor in the area have expressed their satisfaction and happiness after getting such as Eid gifts from the chairman.

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