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Faulty DNA reports lead confusion in Sirajganj

  • Update Time : Monday, April 12, 2021
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Sirajganj Correspondent:

Faulty DNA reports produced by the CID’s forensic department on the basis of autopsy reports of 250-bed Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnessa Hospital’s authorities concerned in Sirajganj have created confusion that hampering progress of the cases.

The situation has been created due to extreme negligence in collecting and preserving samples from the dead bodies by the concerned police officers. Besides, negligence of concerned doctors, who were involved with autopsy and producing reports, was also another reason behind the submission of such faulty reports, sources said.

Police said, Sirajganj Sadar thana police recovered the decomposed body of a man wearing with Lungi and Panjabi from the Sayedabad area on Jamuna shoal in 2020. At that time, the concerned police officer produced inquest report of the dead body and gathered relevant samples for forensic lab test. After completion of the autopsy, relevant samples were sent to CID’s forensic lab through the authorities concerned of the Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnessa Hospital in Sirajganj with a view to identify the deceased.

It is surprising that, just after five months of the incident, the DNA report says that the deceased was a woman. Though, the police claimed that the samples were collected from the body of a man, the DNA report tracked it down as a man.

Same scenario was noticed over an incident of Ullapara police station in the district.

Ullapara thana police recovered the body of an elderly man from Phuljor river and sent it to the same hospital morgue for autopsy. But, the forensic report of the body claimed it as a new born baby.

Similar wrong information was received by the Belkuchi and Raiganj thana police. Consequently, police are facing trouble to identify the bodies and carry the investigation activities.

While contacted, Dr Saiful Islam, Custodian of the hospital said, “We are shocked over the mistake. But, how such mistakes were happened, it should find out. We have to find out the reason behind such mistake. After an investigation, necessary steps would be taken.

Ferdous Sultana Kakoly, a lawyer of High Court said, “Such wrong or faulty report may mislead the investigation works. So, all concerned should be alert in this regard.”

Hasibul Alam, Superintendent of Police in Sirajganj said, “It is very important to know the identity of the deceased for disposal of the case. That is why, the police rely on DNA reports. But the police had to suffer due to misleading information in four consecutive reports provided by the authorities concerned. In this situation, the investigation works and progress of the cases are being hampered drastically.”

He called upon the health department to keep a close watch on this matter.





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