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Filmfare Bangla Awards 2024: Prasenjit, Jaya, Churni win prizes

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It is known to many people, that this time the artists of Bangladesh have been selected for the Filmfare Award. Four received nominations, of which three (Jaya Ahsan, Tasnia Farin, Sohail Mondal) won the award.

The event of Filmfare Bangla 2024 was held at a star hotel in Kolkata’s Bypass last Friday night. ‘Shesh Pata’ has won awards in eight categories, including best actor and best director. A total of six awards including Best Picture, and Best Actress went to ‘Ardhangini’. On the other hand, ‘Mayar Janjal’ surprised everyone and got seven awards.

Incidentally, Filmfare is considered one of the most prestigious awards in Bollywood. According to many, it is the ‘Oscar of India’. For several years this award was organized separately for Bengali cinema.

Now let’s take a look at the list of winners of Filmfare Bangla 2024

Lifetime Achievement Award: Prabhat Roy

Best Actor: Prosenjit Chatterjee (Shesh Pata)

Best Actor (Critic): Mithun Chakraborty (Kabuliwala)

Best Actress: Churni Gangopadhyay (Ardhangini)

Best Actress (Critic): Swastika Mukherjee (Shibpur)

Best Supporting Actress: Jaya Ahsan (Ardhanginil)

Best Supporting Actor: Ambarish Bhattacharya (Ardhangini) and Kaushik Gangopadhyay (Aro Ek Prithibi)

Best Director: Atanu Ghosh (Shesh Pata)

Best Picture: Ardhangini (Kaushik Gangopadhyay)

Best Picture (Critics): Mayer Janjal (Indranil Roychowdhury)

Best Debut Director: Sumantra Roy (Ghashjomi)

Best New Actor: Sohail Mondal (Mayar Janjal)

Best New Actress: Tasnia Farin (Aro Ek Prithibi)

Best Dialogue: Atanu Ghosh, (Shesh Pata)

Best Original Screenplay: Indranil Roychowdhury, Saugata Sinha (Mayar Janjal)

Best Original Story: Atanu Roy, (Shesh Pata)

Best Cinematography: Indranil Mukherjee, (Mayar Janjal)

Best Sound Design: Subhdeep Sengupta (Mayar Janjal)

Best Production Design: Tanmoy Chakraborty ( Kabuliwala )

Best Costume Design: Riturupa Bhattacharya (Mayar Janjal)

Best Editor: Sumit Ghosh (Mayar Janjal)

Music Category Awards:

Best Female Singer: Eamon Chakraborty (Alaada Aalada, Ardhangini) and Avarna Roy (Malay Batase, Neharika)

Best Singer: Arijit Singh (Bhabo Je, Kabuliwala)

Best Lyricist: Anupam Roy (Alada Alada, Ardhangini)

Best Music Album: Anupam Roy (Dasham Abatar)

Best Background Score: Devjyoti Mishra (Shesh Pata)

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