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‘Honeytrap’ for killing MP Anar, who is this Silisti..?

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Anwarul Azim Anar, Member of Parliament for Jhenaidah-4 Constituency, was brutally murdered in an elite flat in Newtown, Kolkata, India. The name of a woman named Silisti Rahman has come forth in this planned murder. Various circles are thinking that this woman can be used as a trap to bring MP Anar to Kolkata.

Besides, an old friend of MP Anar was the mastermind behind his killing, DB police said.

Those related to the investigation say that the woman stayed in the flat rented in elite ‘Sanjiba Gardens’ in Kolkata’s Newtown to help kill the MP. She returned home on May 15 with the main killer Amanullah Aman after carrying out the killing mission. That woman has already been caught by the Intelligence Department (DB) of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police. DB is interrogating him about the incident.

Investigation officials said that the main planner of MP Anar’s murder is Silisti Rahman, girlfriend of Aktaruzzaman Shaheen. A detailed investigation is underway.

The Kolkata Police also analyzed the CCTV footage of the flat compound and found that three people entered the flat together on May 13. Two of them are men and one is a woman. One day after staying in the flat, a man and a woman came out.

It is believed that the woman is Silisti. She may have entered the flat with Amanullah and MP Anar on May 13.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DB) sources say that they also believe that the woman is Silisti. Because she returned home by air on May 15. The main killer Amanullah returned to the country with her.

The source also said that it is believed that Aktaruzzaman Shaheen, the main planner of the murder, used this woman as a trap to take MP Anar to Kolkata. Because even though Shaheen returned home on May 10 after making all plans, Silisti remained in Kolkata.

An officer in charge of the intelligence department of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police said that Silisti was staying on one floor of a three-storey flat at the time of the murder. But she was not in front. After committing the murder, she came down. The investigation is going on whether that woman is Silisti or not.

Talking to those related to the investigation, it is known that the main planner of the murder is Anar’s childhood friend and business partner Aktaruzzaman Shaheen. He is a resident of Jhenaidah and a US citizen. Shaheen’s brother is the mayor of Kotchandpur municipality in Jhenaidah. Another friend and extremist leader, Amanullah Aman, was tasked with planning and executing this murder. Shaheen came to Bangladesh after drawing the final tableaus of the murder sitting in Kolkata. Later, six people including Aman called MP Anwar Azim Anar in a trap called Sanjiba Garden. He was then taken hostage and killed with a pillow. Later, the body was cut into pieces and put in a trolley bag at an unknown location.

The concerned said that the Kolkata Police had collected the CCTV footage of the flat and the surrounding buildings. Analyzing the CCTV footage, Aman and his associates were seen carrying the trolley bag and taking the shoes of MP Anar inside. Besides, there is a scene of Shaheen’s girlfriend named Silisti Rahman bringing polythene and bleaching powder from outside in the CCTV footage.

Aktaruzzaman Shaheen wanted to pay five crore taka for killing MP Anar. He was paid some money before the murder. The rest of the money was supposed to be paid after the murder. After the success of their mission, Aman came to Dhaka with the responsibility of Siam and Jihad to hide the pieces of Anar’s body. He came to Dhaka and met Aktaruzzaman Shaheen. However, it is not known how much money Shaheen gave him later.

Wari Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police has arrested three people on suspicion of involvement in this murder. They are Amanullah Aman, Mostafiz and Faisal, the leader of the extremist party East Bengal Communist Party, who directly participated in this murder.

Meanwhile, a case has been registered at the Shere Bangla Nagar police station in the capital following the murder of Anwarul Azim Anna in India. His daughter Mumtarin Ferdous Doreen filed a statement in the case on Wednesday (22 May) evening. The matter was confirmed by Ahad Ali, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Shere Bangla Nagar Police Station.

He said that Mumtarin Ferdous Doreen, daughter of parliament member Anwarul Azim Anar, has filed a murder case. No accused has been named in the case. All are provided as anonymous. Now the accused will be brought under the law after investigation.


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