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How lighting may turn into an art of life

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Shah Jobaer alias Russel

Rehennuma Tarannum:

Md Shah Jobaer alias Russel had a long-cherished dream to make lighting an art of life, which has now become a reality.

Once, people thought electric bulbs are used only for light. But now, the perception has changed and lighting has turned into an art of life as it is now used at different installations including homes, offices, roads, bridges, sculptures and historical monuments to enhance their beauties.

Due to relentless efforts of Jobaer, lighting design has got a commercial form which has eared acclaim from home and abroad. Heaven’s Lighting is a glaring example.


Jobaer’s elder brother Shah Jalal Masum started his journey with Al-Helal Electric House in 1980. It made a position in the world of lighting overcoming different hurdles. After completing his education, Jobaer got involved with the business with a dream of making the lighting business an art, not only a need. He started research in this regard how he could make it a reality.

He set up a lighting industry in the country with a modern and high technology lab. Later, he has manufactured high standard bulbs with less power consumption capacity.

Jobaer has brought Energy+ and LED bulbs in the market, which have gained huge popularity at home and abroad for lower price and less power consumption. Now, various types of Energy+ and LED bulbs are being sold across the country and used at different rich installations to remove the darkness and beautify the installations.

Lighting Design:

At least seven architects are involved with the lighting design works with a view to ensuring maximum use of lights for customers and builders of different architectures. Many people have no proper idea about the use of lighting. They think, lights or bulbs are used only for removing of darkness. But, it is true that, a proper design of lighting can give a good look to any installation. It is possible to enhance the beauty of many important installations in the country. If the important installations like various architectures, museums, bridges, railway stations, different government offices and tourist spots are decorated with rich design of lighting, the look of those installations will be more attractive compared to the normal lighting.

According experts, the beauty of different eye-catching installations is noticed only in daytime. But, people cannot enjoy the beauty at night. If the installations are set up with proper lighting design, lights will also beautify the installations at night. For this reason, everybody should pay heed in this regard before construction of their installations, if those are mere residence, office or any other important things.

Employment facilities:

Now, Heaven’s Light Private Limited is not a simple establishment. It has now opened the door of job opportunities for many unemployed youths including females. Meanwhile, around 400 people have got jobs in the house and working in different sections of the company. Besides, progress is going on to create more job facilities for the unemployed with a view to resolving the unemployment problem in the country as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has announced to make the country free from unemployment.

Notable works:

Heaven’s Light, a world-class lighting company has already set an example by providing excellent design and relevant accessories like bulbs and cables to build the country’s highly important installations including National Parliament building, Padma Bridge Diversion Road, Bangabandhu Satellite in Gazipur and Senakunja.

Besides, many installations including NSI Headquarters, Bangabandhu Square Monument, Dattapara Mosque and Sena Kalyan Sangstha (SKS), which have used the design of Heaven’s Light, are now waiting for inauguration. A number of installations including American Embassy and German Embassy in Dhaka, Air Headquarters, Navy Headquarters, Jazira Cantonment Gate, Agakhan Foundation, Independent Tower and 560 more Mosques are waiting for final approval to use the design provided by the Heaven’s Light.


Heaven’s Light is committed to providing the highest quality of products with competitive prices and service beyond the expectations of the customers. Through the continuous improvement and innovation, the institution is eager to strengthen all efforts with the help of highly trained and skilled technical staffs and engineers.


Becoming a leader of corporate markets through the professional honesty and following the responsibility is the main goal and vision of the Heaven’s Light. If the company gets proper patronization of the government especially the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, it will be able to fulfill the demand of country’s people as well as global nationals. The company believes ethical practices and respects to the public trust.


While talking, Shah Jobaer, Managing Director of Heaven’s Light Private Limited, Al-Helal Corporation Private Limited, Energy+ Electric & Electronics Private Limited and China-Bangladesh Electronics Private Limited told The Future Bangladesh that, “My nickname is Russel. My mother gave my name Russel being inspired to Bangabandhu’s younger son Sheikh Russel. I did not see him. But, I am very fan of him. I heard, he was very brilliant and dedicated to do something better for the country. Like him, I wanted to do something better. Now, I have become able to make my dream true by innovating a new way for lighting. My Energy+ bulbs and other electric products have now become immensely popular due to cheaper prices and durability.

Besides, many installations, which were built following our electrical design, have widely praised at home and abroad. I want to continue the flow of our contribution to country’s development and beautification of important installations.




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