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How to register in the app to get corona vaccine

  • Update Time : Monday, January 25, 2021
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Those interested in getting the coronavirus vaccine can complete the registration process by visiting the web application of the security platform or by downloading the app on their mobile phones, said NM Ziaul Alam, senior secretary, information and communication technology department.

Alternative measures will also be taken for those who do not have internet access or app-like devices, he said. “There are plans to give free registration to interested parties at the Union Digital Center,” the secretary said.

The ‘Real Time’ app can be downloaded for free ( www.surokkha.gov.bd ) to get this vaccine . After registration, it will be known from there, when to get vaccinated. However, only people over the age of 18 can take the vaccine and register. This is because there has been no clinical trial of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine on minors.

There are 16 categories in this app for identity verification, after selecting one of them you have to start the registration with the number and date of birth of the national identity card.

Registration process

>> After checking the number of the national identity card, if all is well, the name of the registrant will be shown on the screen in Bengali and English. There, a cell phone number will be requested in a cell, to which he / she will be SMSed the information regarding subsequent vaccination.

>> After giving the mobile number, a box has to be filled, where the registrant has to be informed whether he has long term disease or co-morbidity, if any disease.

>> There is another room to tell the profession and whether he is directly involved in the work related to Covid-19.>> Then you have to select the current address and from which center you want to take the vaccine.

>> Finally, if you save the form, OTP will be sent to the mobile number given by the registrar. Clicking on the ‘Status Verify’ button with that OTP code will complete the registration.

>> Once registered, the date of the first dose of the vaccine and the name of the center will be informed via SMS.>> Then you have to log in with the number of national identity card, date of birth and download the vaccination card with the OTP code obtained through SMS.

>> On the date that will be given in the SMS, the registrants will be able to get the vaccine of Kovid-19 by appearing at the designated vaccination center with the vaccination card and national identity card.

>> Thus, after two doses, the certificate of vaccination can be collected from the web application of the protection platform.(Source: Online)

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