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HSC results are not being published in December!

  • Update Time : Saturday, December 26, 2020
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The policy of making results of HSC and equivalent examinations has not yet been approved by the Ministry of Education. As a result, the results of this test are not likely to be released this month. The results may be released in mid-January next year, according to various education board sources.

Asked about this, Professor SM Amirul Islam, Controller of Examinations of Dhaka Board of Education, told that if the policy of making results is approved, it will be possible to complete the work of making HSC results within the next one week. We have all the preparations.

HSC and equivalent examinations were canceled due to Corona situation. Education Minister announced to give autopass to all the waiting candidates. Dipu Moni. He also said that the results of the test will be released by December.

An eight-member grade evaluation technical committee comprising an additional secretary of the education ministry was formed to produce the results of the autopsy. Earlier this month, the committee drafted a guideline containing several proposals for determining GPA grades and sent it to the Ministry of Education.

Relevant officials of the Ministry of Education said, the Minister of Education. HSC exam results are being delayed as Dipu Moni is suffering from corona. Due to his illness, it was not possible to approve the guidelines proposed by the technical committee. If it is approved, a policy will be formulated in its light and the results will be created through software.

On Saturday (December 26), Dhaka Education Board Secretary Tapan Kumar said, “We have sent the proposal to the Ministry of Education to publish the results, but it has not been approved yet.” When that happens, we will start working.

He said it was not possible to release the results of the HSC exams by December but it could happen next month. Since there is no work to evaluate the register, it will be possible to complete all the work and publish the results within a week.

According to the proposal of the technical committee, 25 per cent marks will be given as a result of JSC examination and 75 per cent marks will be given as a result of SSC examination. However, for those who did not participate in the JSC examination, the number will be determined based on the result of the SSC. In case of subject improvement, the result of that subject of the previous class will be evaluated. Even if you get GPA-5 in the previous two exams, if you don’t have the highest number of subjects, in that case many may fall behind from GPA-5 in HSC. (Source: Online)


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