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In three months, the export of fish is 72 crore rupees, without the Chinese market

  • Update Time : Saturday, November 7, 2020
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In three months, the export of fish is 72 crore rupees, without the Chinese market

The fish export sector has started to turn around after overcoming the outbreak of corona. Fish exports have resumed after being closed for several months.

In the three months from July to September, fish exports from the southern Khulna division amounted to Tk 72.48 crore. Among the exported fish are Bagda, Galda and Harina Shrimp. Besides, some small species of fish have also been exported.

Sultanpur big fish market in Satkhira city. Adequate supply of half a hundred species of fresh and salt water fish in this market. Every day about 12-15 tons of fish is being sold from this market.

Traders say the demand for fish is higher among retailers as saltwater fish tastes better than freshwater fish.

Amir Hossain, a fish trader in Satkhira’s big market, said that although the shrimp is in the forefront of export, the demand for domestic delicious fish is higher among buyers in the domestic market. Retailers usually buy more Vhetki, Bhangan, Parshe, Tangra, Datina, Bhola and small deer, chaka, chamni shrimp. Besides, there is ample supply of half a hundred species of fish including Rui, Katal, Silver, Tilapia and Pangas in the market.

According to the Satkhira Fisheries Department, there are 52345 shrimp farmers in the district. There are 54935 farms of these farmers. Farmers have cultivated Bagdar in 6,062 hectares of land.

This year, the production of shrimp has been 21 thousand 441 metric tons. Besides, there are 96 lobster farmers. The number of enclosures is 1172. These farmers have cultivated galdar in 938 hectares of land. Produced 6542.5 metric tons. The production of deer shrimp has been 3410 metric tons. Besides, 31393.5 metric tons of other different species of fish have been produced in these fish farms.

Satkhira District Fisheries Officer Mashiur Rahman said fish production has increased in the fish farms. Moreover, at the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus, the export activities were stopped for several months and the traders could not catch fish. This time the size of the fish has also increased as there is more water around the fish. The financial loss in the fish district was Tk 200 crore due to the suspension of exports to Corona. Exports have started and production has also increased so that the farmers can make up for the losses during the coronation period.

He said that mainly shrimps are exported abroad. And the delicious fish of the native species goes to the domestic market of the country. Demand for fish from the south is much higher in Chittagong, Sylhet, Rangpur and Dhaka. Although shrimp is leading in exports, the demand for domestic fish is high in the domestic market. The Khulna Quality Control Office provided statistics on the amount of fish exported abroad.

According to the Khulna Quality Control Office, 9928 metric tons of different species of fish have been exported from Khulna Division in the three months from July to September of the current financial year. Among the exported fish, lobster, bagda and deer shrimp are notable.

Lobsters were exported at 610 metric tons, Bagda at 7520 metric tons, Harina shrimp at 242 metric tons, 72 metric tons of various species of domestic white fish and crabs at 125 metric tons. The rest of the fish ash and shrimp shells have been exported.

In the three months till July, August and September, fish worth Tk 72.48 crore has been exported. Of this, lobster exports were one crore 29 lakh 98 thousand 235 dollars, bagda 8 crore 14 lakh 41 thousand 17 dollars, deer shrimp 19 lakh 51 thousand 126 dollars and various species of fish were exported 4 lakh 35 thousand 641 dollars.

Asaduzzaman, the leader of the warehouse traders, said that fish worth Tk 1.5 crore is being bought and sold in Binerpota Bazar of Satkhira Sadar every day.

Alhaj Nurali Moral, owner of Satkhira Fish in the market, said 7-8 trucks of fish are being exported from Binerpota fish market every day. These fish are going to the markets of Sylhet, Chittagong, Rangpur and Dhaka.

Anwar Hossain, a fish transport trader from Satkhira Sadar, said, “I am currently exporting 3-4 trucks of fish every day.” I delivered the fish to Chittagong. 15-16 tons of fish is exported per truck. The price of one truck of fish is at least 5-6 lakh rupees. Export activities were suspended for several months due to the coronavirus shutdown. Now re-export activities have become normal.

ATM Tawfiq Mahmud, Fisheries Inspection and Quality Control Officer of the Khulna Quality Control Office, said 80 per cent of the shrimps were exported to 28 European countries. 20 percent goes to different countries including America, Japan, India. In addition, two percent of the total exports of different species of fish are exported to other countries.

He said after the Corona disaster, fish exports abroad in July, August and September amounted to Tk 72.48 crore. The October accounting process is not over yet. The fish export sector has turned around after overcoming the Corona crisis. At present we have lost the Kuchia and Kakra export market. Because, China is a big market for exporting kuchia and crab. Exports to China have not yet started due to the corona.(Source: Online)

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