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Khalil will sell beef again at Tk 595

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Khalilur Rahman, a meat seller in North Shahjahanpur of the capital, started selling beef at Tk 595 per kg from the first day of Ramadan. In this customers flocked to his ‘Khalil Gosto Bitan’. He sold beef worth one crore taka in one day.

However, Khalilur Rahman increased the price of meat by 100 taka per kg before the 10th of Ramadan. Now he has moved away from the stance and announced to sell meat at 595 rupees again.

Khalilul Rahman said these in a press conference on selling beef at an affordable price at the head office of the Consumer Affairs Department on Sunday. He said, I don’t understand profit and loss, I will sell meat for 595 taka till the 20th of Ramadan. I promised I would keep it. Every day 20 cows will be slaughtered till afternoon.

At that time, the director general of the department, AHM Shafikuzzaman, the meat seller of Old Dhaka, Nayan, the meat seller of Mirpur, and the department’s officials were present.

Khalilur Rahman said I was selling meat for 595 taka. I increased by Tk100 as the price of the cattle increased. I was at a loss. I was struggling to keep up with my staff, so the rates were increased.

Incidentally, when beef was sold at Tk 700-750 per kg in the market at the end of last year, Khalilur Rahman came into the discussion by selling beef at a low price. After that, people from different areas of Dhaka flocked to his shop to buy meat.

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