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Low jute price frustrates Bogura, Sirajganj farmers

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Despite several efforts of the government, farmers of Bogura and Sirajganj district are losing their interest to cultivate jute on their arable lands due to lack of appropriate prices.

Farmers of the region alleged that, the price of jute has reduced at least Tk 800 to Tk 900 per mound this year compared to the last year. In contrary, the production cost has doubled due to constant rising of seed, fertilizer and pesticide prices.

On the other hand, traders of wholesale market are facing risk of losses after purchasing jute due to reduction of export. In this circumstance, many farmers in the area are now thinking about to avert jute cultivation in future.

The measure of jute cultivation has comparatively reduced in the region. Though, the officials of the AED have been trying to inspire farmers to cultivate jute on their cultivable lands by providing incentives, the cultivation target was not achieved constantly in the last two years.

According to the data of Agriculture Extension Department (AED) in Bogura and Sirajganj, jute cultivation has declined in the region compared to the previous years. This year, farmers have brought 10,690 hectares of land under jute cultivation against the target of 12,634 hectares of land fixed by AED in Bogura. AED also set a target of producing 30,517 tonnes of jute.

In the last fiscal year (FY), about 11,167 hectares of land was brought under jute cultivation, while 30,676 tonnes of jute was produced.

Similarly, jute cultivation target was not achieved in Sirajganj last year. Only 11,167 hectares of land was brought under cultivation against a fixed target of 13,050 hectares of land. Some 30,676 tonnes of jute was produced from the district.

Farmers of the area complained that, they are not getting reasonable prices from jute market that making them disappointed. They can’t recoup the production cost. Per mound of jute based on quality is now being sold between Tk 1400 and Tk 1600, while a mound of jute was sold between Tk 2500 and Tk 2800 last year.

Farmers said, they are compelled to spend Tk 15,000 to Tk 18,000 against producing jute on a bigha of land. Due to rising cost of irrigation, labourer, fertilizer and pesticide, the jute production cost has increased compared to earlier.

Abdul Hannan, a farmer of Dhunot upazila in Bogura district said, “I spent Tk 36,000 to produce jute on 3 bighas of land. I got 35 mounds of jute from those lands. Now, per mound of jute is being sold at Tk 1300 in local market that pushing me to incur loss.

Motlubur Rahman, DD of AED in Bogura said, “If the measure of jute export increases, the farmers will get good prices. However, we are trying to encourage farmers to cultivate jute by providing incentives.”

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