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Money launderers behind terrorist financing

  • Update Time : Tuesday, November 8, 2022
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Govt getting desperate to prevent money laundering, combat terrorist financing

Swarnomoyee Mostafa Oishy

Though, the government is desperate to prevent money laundering, the misdeeds are not stopped at all due to lack of proper strategies.

The experts seem that there is needed national strategy for preventing money laundering and combating financing of terrorism.

To prevent the money laundering and combating financing of terrorism, the law enforcers are getting down in the field. Meanwhile, combined campaign has been started. The first target of the campaign is online gambling. Most of the money is being laundered through online gambling. The transaction of money through online gambling is done through mobile banking. Therefore, the second target is online banking. First, instructions are given to identify online gambling apps. A joint operation is being launched to arrest the operators of the apps. According to the relevant sources, a large amount of money is laundered from the country through online gambling. Money of gambling is being laundered through online banking. That is why, it is recommended to identify online gambling apps first. Besides, it was decided to make a list of online banking related to online gambling. If necessary, instructions are given to list the banks where money is laundered through online banking.

To prevent money laundering, Bangladesh Bank, National Board of Revenue (NBR), Financial Intelligence Unit of Bangladesh Bank, Money Laundering Team of CID and ACC should be aware. After that, the process of arresting those involved in the whole issue of money laundering will begin. Identification of criminals, preparation of updated list with pictures, collection of digital evidence and investigation of cases will be continued. Besides, various steps will be taken including creating family and social awareness.

Inspector General of Police Chowdhury Abdullah-Al Mamun asked to determine joint strategies to prevent money laundering and make list of traffickers. He also asked to take steps to prevent money laundering through mobile banking and identify online gambling apps as well as arrest site operators.

He said, if evidence of negligence is found in such a process, exemplary action will be taken against him. The government is desperate to prevent money laundering. Money laundering should be prevented in any way. The government has given strict instructions in this regard. He sought the cooperation of all concerned in this regard.

CID chief Additional Inspector General of Police Mohammad Ali Mia said, “CID is fighting to prevent money laundering. No one involved in money laundering will be spared. They will be brought under the law. Interpol’s assistance will also be taken to bring back those who have fled abroad.”

Meanwhile, the cyber monitoring departments of BTRTA and law enforcement agencies are working on creating a list of online gambling apps and online banking through which money is laundered. The campaign will be extended to bring them under the law.

SB Chief Additional Inspector General of Police Monirul Islam said, “The countrymen are enjoying the benefits of digital services. But some unscrupulous people are using this digital platform to commit various crimes. These crimes will be strictly suppressed.”

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