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Murshid, who plays cricket as a boy, is now a rising star in the world

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Thanapara field is 10 minutes away from the house of Kazi Golam Mostafa in Khoksa upazila of Kushtia district. From morning till evening the boys and girls keep the field drunk. Someone is playing football or someone is playing cricket. Someone is busy playing another game, or running.

Murshid Khatun Happy was also present among the boys and girls. Murshida is the 11th child of Kazi Golam Mostafa-Hawa Khatun couple. Naughty from a young age. Speaking of the youngest children in the world.

Who knew that the girl on the right would once cross the country and the country in a red-green jersey with a cricket bat and play cricket in the world? Who knew that Murshid, who was beaten by his elder brothers and sisters for playing cricket, would be beaten by the opposing bowlers at one time!

The left-arm opener of the national women’s cricket team is 21 years old. After making his debut in international cricket two years ago, he has made it clear that he is going to be the next star.

Two days ago, ESPN Cricinfo made a list of 20 women cricketers who are being considered as future stars. These women cricketers can rule the world of cricket for the next decade. Murshid Khatun Happy is the only cricketer in that list.

The path to becoming the opening batsman of the national team was not smooth. Mother Hawa Khatun was the only one who encouraged her. Instead, he had to find time for cricket through the strict discipline of his father and older siblings.

Murshid was a primary school student then. He told the story of how he played on the field from Kushtia on his mobile phone. ‘I’ve been naughty since I was little. I used to play all the games. Even with the boys. Dressed as a boy, dressed as a boy. I even had short hair like boys. I also ran away from school and played. I would hide in my schoolbag and take other clothes. I would go to a store, take off my school uniform and go down to play after wearing other clothes. At the end of the game, I would return home after school dress, ”said Murshid Khatun.

Although he was addicted to many games, why did he end up having fun in cricket? Murshid said, ‘I used to watch cricket on TV. I used to sit next to the adults playing cricket on the field. I would pick up the ball. If the ball went to the pond, I would jump first and bring it. When the adults played, the younger boys would play. I would go down to play with those boys. ‘

He didn’t even get a bat and ball from his father and elder brothers to play cricket as a child. So how did you collect them? ‘We have a lot of coconut and betel trees in our house. Mother used to raise ducks and chickens. My mother used to buy me bats and balls by selling eggs, betel nuts and coconuts. My mother contributed a lot to my becoming a cricketer ‘- Murshid Khatun told a short story.

Murshid also told the story of how he was admitted to BKSP under the inspiration of his elder brother Kazi Keramat Ali. “When no one could stop me from playing, one day my brother said, ‘When you want to play so much, I take the admission test in BKSP.’ I decided to get admitted in BKSP. I told my mother about my wish. I went to Dhaka after the admission notification. I take the test and get admitted. ‘

Murshid Khatun made his debut for the national team in the 2016 tour of South Africa. The left-arm batsman has already played 5 ODIs and 10 T20I matches. He played great against India in the T20 World Cup this year. Murshid was discussed in that match.

Murshid used to go to play cricket in the face of obstacles from everyone in the family except his mother. Now his family members are more tense when he is playing. The brothers and sisters who were beaten when they went to play cricket are the ones who know more about my game now. ‘

Only two years of international career. Murshid sees his two-year tour of South Africa as a memorable event in his short career. Murshid also said the reason, ‘It was my debut tour. Played three matches. Couldn’t run more. Because, I was nervous. That’s why I dropped out of the team later. However, after only one year, I have taken a place in the team again.

Murshid is at number 11 in the list of brothers and sisters. But he is number one in the cricket team. Opener batsman. ESPN Cricinfo is very happy to be ranked among the 20 potential stars. Calling it good news for the country’s cricket, Happy said, “Everyone who has made this list is a legend. I have to work harder now, play better. The expert panel is expecting me, now they have to perform as expected. This achievement is as much an inspiration as it is a challenge. ‘(Source: Online)

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