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Nibir’s face kept appearing before me on stage: Kumar Biswajit

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The stage was his home, the studio his haven. He would rush from one event to the other, today in Dhaka, tomorrow in Chattogram, the next day in Rajshahi. One of the country’s most popular singers Kumar Biswajit even performed often in America and Europe. That was his life, his routine for the four decades of his career in music. Then 14 months ago an accident changed everything.

After his only child Kumar Nibir met with an accident, his life and plans were torn asunder. He is no longer seen on stage. For the last 14 months he and his wife have been in Canada where their son is struggling between life and death in hospital.

When I was singing on stage, Nibir’s face kept appearing before me. On stage we have to forget so many things. But at every step I now realise the depth of a father and son’s bond

On 18 April this year Kumar Biswajit came to Dhaka for a few weeks and finally was seen on stage at an event. His fans got to listen to him after what seemed like ages.

Before he had rushed off to Canada upon hearing about his son’s accident, Kumar Biswajit had been immensely busy with stage shows. He was as much in demand as any of the contemporary young popular singers. Before this April, Kumar Biswajit had come to Dhaka for a few days from Canada, but was not mentally in a place where he could accept offers to perform. This time too, many event organisers had contacted Kumar Biswajit’s manager upon hearing of his arrival in town. He turned down most of the offers, but couldn’t refuse an event organised last Thursday by a private bank.

Though Kumar Biswajit performed on stage after ages, he remained anguished inside. After the show he spoke to Prothom Alo, saying, “It was hard for me to control myself and perform. It sometimes feels like a vain attempt to stay well. My whole world has become grey after Nibir’s accident. Nothing feels good anymore. That is why when I came to the country, I immediately cancelled several shows. I just couldn’t do it. My identity as a father looms much larger than my identity as a singer. When I was singing on stage, Nibir’s face kept appearing before me. On stage we have to forget so many things. But at every step I now realise the depth of a father and son’s bond.”

A ripple of happiness went around the entertainment arena at the news of Biswajit back on stage. His well-wishers felt that perhaps remaining busy on stage would assuage his anguish to an extent. But Biswajit feels that this just won’t happen. It is a vain attempt to forget things. His existence as a father took priority over all else.

Just a few years back everything has been going well. His son was studying digital marketing at a college in Canada. Kumar Biswajit had spoken in his house in Uttara, Dhaka, about his dreams and aspirations for his only son. He was so proud and pleased. Meanwhile, he was busy at home and abroad, performing and shows and entertaining his fans.

It took just one accident to change everything. Son Nibir was seriously injured in a road accident in Canada. It has been 14 months since then and Kumar Biswajit waits tirelessly for his son to call him “baba” again. All these days Nibir was lying on the hospital bed, now he can sit in a chair. He can open his eyes and see his parents by his side.

For the last 14 months Kumar Biswajit has been living in Toronto, Canada. His son Nibir is under treatment there at St Michael’s Hospital. He was seriously injured in a road accident there on 14 February. These 14 months Kumar Biswajit has been away from music.

When asked about his son’s latest condition, he said, “His physical condition has improved somewhat, but it is difficult to say when he’ll recover fully. He still has to stay at hospital.”


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