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Nipun’s membership may be scrapped if failing to reply to letter!

  • Update Time : Friday, May 17, 2024
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Nipun Akter scrapped the membership of former general secretary (GS) Zayed Khan while she was the GS of the Bangladesh Film Artistes Association (BFAA). At that time, Nipun informed that this decision was taken due to offensive comments about the Artistes Association and the general secretary in the media. Now, Nipun may lose membership due to the same reason.

“The current committee has decided to send a letter asking why Nipun’s membership will not be scrapped,” BFAA vice-president DA Tayeb said after the executive meeting on Thursday (May 17).

On Wednesday (May 15), Nipun filed a writ in the High Court seeking annulment of the election results for the 2024-2026 term. As a result, the members held a meeting about what the action of the association could be in this regard.

After the meeting, DA Tayeb said, “We are not thinking about filing a writ yet. Legal action will be taken if we receive a notice.”

A day before this, Nipun made various “offensive comments” including mentioning “uneducated” about the new GS Monwar Hossain Dipjol, said DA Tayeb.

Raising the issue, DA Tayeb said, “What Nipun Akter said against the current BFAA GS in the media is “ugly and defamatory”. All the members of the committee decided to take action against her. A letter will be sent asking why her membership should not be canceled. If she does not reply within 7 days or if the reply is not found adequate, then Nipun’s membership will be scrapped.”



Ilias Kanchan and 103 artists who regained their membership during Nipun’s time welcomed the Misha-Dipjol panel before the meeting of the association on Thursday. At this time, Dipjol, the general secretary of the Artistes Association, spoke about Nipun, who had filed a petition to cancel the election.

“The one being talked about today (Nipun) denies her mentor. This should not happen unless there is a problem with the blood. She forgets the one with whom (Dipjol) everyone recognized her face. Does she want to play a test with us? Come play. However, we want gentleness and humility. I will work on how to take the movie industry forward,” Dipjol said.

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