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No tracking device, no fuel: New policy for tank lorries from July

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The government is set to stop dispensing fuels to tank-lorries at the depots without tracking devices or special tracking technology from July 1. The decision is taken as part of the implementation of the Smart Fuel Distribution Monitoring System (SFDMS).

The Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) has already instructed all tank lorries to be equipped with tracking devices. However, private companies are reluctant to install tracking systems in their fuel-carrying vehicles.

The energy division took the initiative to launch SFDMS to modernize the country’s fuel transportation.

The system is intended to bring the entire process, from fuel transport to delivery to consumers, under close monitoring.

An official from the energy division said that it is crucial to monitor the routes of fuel-carrying tank lorries to prevent fuel adulteration.

Particularly in Bangladesh, condensate, which can be used as fuel, is extracted from gas fields.

Special measures taken to stop theft, adulteration of fuel oilSpecial measures taken to stop theft, adulteration of fuel oil

This condensate is taken to factories for refining and making it usable. However, some unscrupulous busin

Despite the energy division’s repeated efforts through mobile courts to curb fuel adulteration, it has not been entirely successful.

By using technology to track the movement of each tank lorry, it will be possible to prevent adulteration and ensure safety.

The BPC has informed that 66 tank lorries have already been equipped with this system.

The Tank-Lorry Association has shown some reluctance in installing the devices. BPC has directed to remove all obstacles promptly.

Meanwhile, in a meeting on this issue, BPC Chairman Amin Ul Ahsan mentioned that a recent workshop urged the managing directors of three marketing companies to not only install the devices but also develop software quickly. A gas marketing meeting was recently held with relevant stakeholders, where necessary guidelines were provided to overcome various obstacles.

In the same meeting, it was said that from July 1, no fuel will be provided from depots without tracking devices. Instruction was given that signs reading “No Tracking Device, No Fuel” be put up at all depots.

When asked about this, Energy and Mineral Resources Division Secretary Nurul Alam said that under the PMO’s Quick Win Initiative Program, efforts have been made to ensure faster service delivery using information technology. This initiative by the energy division is part of that effort.

The secretary explained that the idea of tracking devices had been considered for a long time, but the reluctance of most drivers to adopt technology had made it difficult. Many find it challenging to adapt to new technology.

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