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One after another brutal murders ‘daily’, why crimes surging suddenly

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One after another brutal murders are happening. Brutal killings by beating, hacking, burning, rape, or sexual assault have increased tenfold in the country. A man named Omar Farooq hacked his mother to death for not getting money to buy yaba in Pahartali, Chattogram on Monday (June 3). Concern is growing in these incidents. Questions are also raised about the activities of the law enforcement agencies. Besides, the question is why such events are happening.

Crime experts say that these incidents are happening due to various reasons including social degradation, previous enmity, family conflict, business conflict, political conflict, spread of power. Besides, the use of muscle (money) power is also responsible in these cases, along with the lack of timely and correct verdicts in various cases. If the law and order situation deteriorates in this way, worse conditions will be created in the future. These incidents must be dealt with now.

Son hacked mother to death in Ctg:

Mother Reena Akhter Chandana was hacked to death by her son Omar Farooq in Pahartali of Chattogram city. The incident took place at the Dighi area of ​​Pahartali police station in the city on Sunday (May 2) night. Deceased Rina Akhtar Chandana is the wife of Akhtar Hossain of Burichang Upazila in Cumilla. In this, the police arrested the victim’s son Omar.

Chattogram Metropolitan Police (CMP) Assistant Commissioner Moinur Rahman confirmed this.

Mother-son killed in Bogura residential hotel:

The police recovered the bodies of a woman and her 11-month-old son from a residential hotel in Bogura. Their bodies were recovered from a room in the Banani area of ​​the city around 11:30 am on Sunday (June 2). The police arrested the husband of the deceased in this incident. At this time, two sharp daggers were seized.

University student’s dismembered body due to marriage to cousin after affair:

Omar Farooq Sourav, 24, a student of Dhaka’s Presidency University, became a victim of miscreants’ revenge due to marrying his cousin after an affair. On Sunday (June 2), the dismembered body of the student was found in the Sutia River under the Mantala bridge of Sadar upazila on the Mymensingh-Tangail highway.

Sourav is the son of Yusuf Ali Akand of Tarati village of Maigbaz union of Ishwarganj upazila of the district. He was a BBA student of Presidency University. He lived with his family in Dhaka’s Uttara area.

Killing a rickshaw puller to avenge the slap:

In Chattogram, a rickshaw puller was killed with a wrench to “take revenge for a verbal dispute” over playing ludu on a mobile app. Another rickshaw puller has been arrested by the police in this incident. He was arrested on Saturday (June 1) from the Dhooppul area of ​​Bandar police station in the city.

The arrestee rickshaw driver Md. Arif, 28, is the son of the deceased Abdul Patwari of Bhuiyan Bari of Dewanpur village in Tajumuddin police station of Bhola district. He lives on rent at Gani Mazon’s house in Dhooppul, Madhyam Halishahar area in ​​Bandar police station in the city.

3 murders in 3 days in Lohagara; Locals in fear

In the Lohagara upazila of Narail district, the law and order situation has deteriorated. Three people, including a former chairman, were killed in a span of 3 days last week. After the murder, anxiety and fear spread among the locals. After these sensational murders, the general people cannot be reassured by any action taken by the police.

Shikdar Mostafa Kamal (59), a popular leader of Upazila Awami League and former chairman of Mallikpur Union Parishad, was killed on his way to an arbitration meeting from Lohagara Bazar on May 10.

Rizia Begum of Charmangalhata village of the upazila was killed by two assailants on the night of May 11.

On May 12 at around 8:30 pm, a van driver named Faisal Munshi, 25, was stabbed to death by unknown miscreants on the south side of Banana trader Md. Kasem Khan’s house and fled with the van and money.

On May 31, a person named Anis Sheikh, 35, was murdered in Kalabaria village of Narail’s Kalia upazila due to previous enmity. He is the son of Musaref Sheikh of Kalabaria village of the upazila.

Even children are not spared:

Even children are not spared from atrocity and brutality. Innocent children are being strangled to death after sexual abuse and rape. Many turn to living corpses, crippled or burnt by extrajudicial attacks. The picture of social crime, violence or human brutality is in almost every district. One event is followed by another event, covering the previous incident.

What Security Analysts Say?

Security analysts believe that social and family degradation, unemployment, immoral ambitions, negative effects of modern culture, negative effects of online technology, the spread of pornography, immoral living, trafficking, conflicts, personal selfishness, greed, and social and political unrest are the reasons behind the continuous killings.

They also say that when any of the brutal incidents come fore to the media, the law and order forces are shaken. After that, the victims suffered years of agony due to investigations, chargesheets, court proceedings at a snail’s pace, and the non-appearance of witnesses. Many times, due to bribery, the case is decided in favor of the accused or they go out on bail and commit the same crime again.

About this, Associate Professor Nurjahan Khatun of the Criminology and Police Science Department at the Maulana Bhasani University of Science and Technology said that it is not that crime was not there before, but “now the rate has increased”. Social degradation has reached extreme levels, but “punishment is not fast enough as crime is increasing”. A culture of impunity has left victims without justice, going from police investigation to court for years, while violent criminals are becoming more dangerous day by day.

Concerns of Human Rights Activists:

Shipa Hafiza, executive director of a human rights organization Law and Arbitration Center (ASK – Aain O Salish Kendra), said that our “alternative institutions have not been formed” to curb pornography, Facebook and online among the young generation. Families and community organizations cannot play their earlier roles. So, the tendency of crime has also changed. If all criminals are treated equally through speedy trials, this trend will hopefully decrease.

Advocate Saimul Islam Rabbi, an executive member of the human rights organization Civil Rights, said that there is fear in everyone’s mind in society. The State must first accelerate prevention through speedy trials.

What are police saying?

Police say that they are always active in suppressing crime. Md Faruk Hossain, a deputy police commission of the Media and Public Relations Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), said that most of the incidents are happening due to “humanitarian disasters”.

“This was not the case even a few years ago. Where parents do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives to protect the life and safety of their children, their children are being killed by those parents,” he added in a regretful voice.



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