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Over 22.73 lakh livestock surplus in country after fulfill Eid demand

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Livestock officials and experts claimed that there is no shortage of sacrificial animals for the upcoming Eid-ulAzha which is scheduled to be held in next week as over 1.29 crore animals are ready for the upcoming qurbani festival.

The estimated demand of livestock this year has been set 1.07 crore while almost 22.77 lakh livestock are surplus after fulfill the actual demand of the sacrificial animals this year for the qurbani during the Eid-ulAzha, according to the statistics released by the divisional livestock department.

“We have no shortage of the livestock to meet the people’s demand for the upcoming Eid as the country has 22 lakh 77 thousands and 973 additional number of livestock after fulfill the country’s quarbani demand”, Director (production) Dr ABM Khaleduzzaman of the Department of Livestock Services (DLS).

Every year sacrificial animals demand usually fixed by adding five percent extra of animals with the number of animals slaughtered in previous year.

So, country’s current sacrificial animals demand stands at 1.07 crore for the qurbani in upcoming Eid-ulAzha, said the DLS director.

Of these sacrificial animals, 52lakh 684 are cattle, one lakh 60 thousand and 320 are buffaloes, 68 lakh 50 thousand goat, 7 lakh 67 thousand and 743 are sheep and 1,850 are other species are ready for qurbani during the Eid-ulAzha, the second largest festival for the Muslim community across the world.

“The price depends on demand and supply. Since we have made the statistics through surveys, there will not be much difference between demand and supply. It seems that the prices will be ok.”

“Necessary steps will be taken to ensure the safety of the market. There will be close monitoring at all levels until the end of Eid-ul-Azha,” he added.

He also expressed hope that the Qurbani market will be a friendly environment for both the buyers and sellers.

In addition to this, the DLS officials said permanent veterinary doctors and mobile veterinary team will work at the cattle markets across the country including the permanent and temporary city cattle markets under the north and south city corporation area in the capital.

The DLS official also said that farmers would not face taxation for selling animals from their homes this year and could not be coerced into selling the animals on the streets if they preferred distant markets.

To enforce this, law-enforcing agencies, local government bodies, and municipal authorities will be vigilant, and any extortion attempts will be addressed.

The minister advised farmers to use digital payments to avoid carrying cash.

Similar to the previous year, selling sacrificial animals online will continue nationwide, benefiting both buyers and sellers.

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