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Please don’t phone me: Faria

  • Update Time : Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Faria Shahrin gave good news to everyone on International Mother’s Day. She said that she is going to be a mother. Faria wrote on Facebook, ‘Bismillah. Happy Mother’s Day to me. Hearing such news, her friends-well-wishers in the entertainment arena congratulated and wished the actress well.

However, the actress also said that she fell seriously ill after giving this news. She also revealed it on social media.

She wrote, ‘After sharing the news of becoming a mother, I became ill. I felt that I would not survive for two days due to the headache. She said, ‘Why does this happen? Why do people want to destroy everything with a black eye when they hear the good news of others? I will not share any more news.’

This time Faria Shahrin is upset again. She expressed her frustration on social media. In a Facebook status on Tuesday, the actress wrote, ‘As I am not doing any work now, I have switched off my phone. Please don’t call me. Please don’t send any messages on messengers. No one needs a celebrity like me, I believe.’

In 2007, Faria became the first runner-up in the ‘Lux-Channel i Superstar’ competition. she also acted in films.

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