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Power Division calls for market closure at 8pm

  • Update Time : Tuesday, April 30, 2024
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The Power Division has urged shopping malls and commercial establishments to close at 8pm in order to ensure uninterrupted power supply amid the ongoing heatwave. The Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources has also issued a notification urging customers to be economical with their electricity consumption. Despite the ‘unprecedented success’ achieved in the power sector over the past 15 years, the demand for electricity has increased at an abnormal rate due to the current crisis, the notice said. “Nevertheless, the Power Division is working diligently to ensure uninterrupted power to consumers. At the same time, consumers are urged to be more moderate and efficient in their use of electricity.” It highlighted eight points to normalise the electricity supply and asked for cooperation from consumers. These points are:
*Avoid using extra lights in shops, shopping malls, petrol pumps, and CNG stations to lower electricity bills
*Follow government guidelines on holiday staggering
*Keep AC temperatures at 25 degrees Celsius or above
*Avoid hooking or illegal power connections to avoid accidents
*Avoid charging batteries of easybikes and motorised rickshaws illegally
*Use energy efficient appliances to prevent wasting electricity *Be energy efficient
They requested anyone wishing to complain or get information regarding power service to contact their 16999 hotline. The Power Grid Company of Bangladesh said that demand for electricity across the country was 16,200MW on Monday. A total of 12,753MW were distributed, meaning there was a shortfall of 3,477MW. Due to the shortage, over 2,000MW of load shedding had to be conducted in the past few days.

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