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Price of potato, rice and edible oil still beyond of affordability

  • Update Time : Wednesday, November 4, 2020
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Though, the government is working hard to control the market prices, the prices of essential commodities especially potato, rice and edible oil are still beyond of affordability to the consumers.

A powerful syndicate is behind the price hike. The syndicate members are realizing additional money from the consumers creating an artificial crisis of various goods.

Though, a few number of syndicate members are being traced by the law enforcers, the godfathers are remaining out of reach.

Sources said, the syndicate had been created anarchy over onion price around two months ago. Now, they are playing rat-cat game over the price of potato, rice and edible oil even after huge stock.

Finding no way, the government has fixed the rate of the three goods, but to no effect.

The prices of those goods are on the rise despite all the steps of the government, consumers claimed.

During a spot visit to different markets including Karwan Bazar, Dhanmondi and Rampura in the capital yesterday, this correspondent found that, additional money was realized from the consumers in the name of crisis.

Though, the government fixed the price of potato at Tk 35 in two terms, it was sold between Tk 45 and Tk 50 per Kg on the basis of area.

The rice was sold with additional Tk 250 per sack (50 Kg) despite the government fixed rate, while loose Soybean oil was sold at Tk 100 against the fixed rate at Tk 90.

While talking, some traders said, “It will not be possible to sell any item with lower price than the purchasing value. We are being forced to realize high rates as the goods were purchased with high rates from the wholesalers. Besides, transportation cost has now become high centering the corona pandemic.”

Dr AB Mirza Azizul Islam, Financial Advisor of the former Caretaker Government said, “Syndicate increases the prices on the plea of short supply. If supply chain is maintained and transport cost is reduced, controlling the market price will be easier. Besides, the government should increase sale of TCB and apply Consumers Rights Act properly to keep the market price stable.”

“Many goods especially potatoes, onions and ginger are perishable. Unscrupulous traders will not be able to stock those goods for long time. At one stage, they will be forced to sale those goods before rotting,” he added.

There is a complaint that, millers increased the price of rice in the beginning of corona pandemic.

Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder in a meeting held on September 29 with the millers set the price of per sack (50 Kg) Miniket rice at Tk 2,575 and BR-28 at Tk 2,250 in the Mill gates. But, the rice is now being sold with higher rates than the fixed rates. Per sack of Miniket rice is being sold between Tk 2,700 and 2,750 in the Mill gates.

Md Mofizul Islam, Chairperson of Bangladesh Competition Commission (BCC) said, “We will go for tougher action, if high prices are realized from consumers. We have already beefed up surveillance in the market with a view to control the potato price.”

Mohammed Yousuf, Director General of the Department of Agricultural Marketing said, “Many traders sell their goods with fair prices, while we conduct mobile court. But, they realize additional prices, while we leave the market. So, we have nothing to do except continuing the drive.”

Agriculture Minister Dr Abdur Razzaque said, “We are working hard to control the market prices. We have already fixed the prices of some essential commodities. Stern action would be taken, if someone realizes additional prices of those goods violating the government directives.”(Source: The Asian Age)

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