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Rains, heat wave to continue in some parts of the country

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Meteorological Department says rain with thunder in some parts of the country and heat waves in some places may occur today.

According to the forecast of the Department of Meteorology on Friday evening, rain/thunder showers accompanied by temporary gusty/squally wind are likely to occur at one or two places over Mymensingh, Barisal, and Sylhet divisions on Saturday (today). Rain with thunder is likely in these areas. There may even be scattered hail in some places. Such weather may prevail in the Sylhet division tomorrow Sunday and the next day Monday.

According to the information of the Meteorological Department, 100 millimeters of rain fell in the Sylhet region in 24 hours from last Thursday evening to yesterday evening. But at the same time, there was no rainfall anywhere else in the country.

While it was raining in the Sylhet region, intense heat was felt in Rajshahi. Yesterday, the highest temperature in the country was recorded in Rajshahi, 39 degrees Celsius. Which is the highest temperature in the country this season. Apart from this yesterday, the temperature was 38 degrees in Chuadanga, 36.4 degrees in Badalgachi in Naogaon, 36 degrees in Mongla in Bagerhat, and 36 degrees Celsius in Kumarkhali in Kushtia.

Temperatures between 36 and 37.9 degrees Celsius are called mild heat waves and between 38 and 39.9 degrees Celsius are called moderate heat waves by the Meteorological Department.

The capital Dhaka has also been experiencing intense heat for a few days. The maximum temperature in Dhaka yesterday was 34 degrees Celsius.

According to the Meteorological Department, the day temperature may increase by 1-2 degrees Celsius across the country today. At present, a mild to moderate heat wave is prevailing over the Rajshahi division including Bagerhat, Kushtia, and Chuadanga, which may continue today. Due to excessive moisture excursion, the discomfort may increase, the Meteorological Department said. In this condition, people sweat a lot. Regardless of the temperature, the feeling of heat is very high. As a result, it creates an uncomfortable situation.

Meteorologist Md. Tariful Newaz Kabir said that when it rains in the area, the temperature will drop temporarily in that area. When the rain stops, the temperature will rise. He said, if the wind blows upward, the moisture rises. And in the regions where the wind does not blow upward, the moisture remains in those regions. It gives people a feeling of warmth.

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