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Rare books available at only Tk 20!

  • Update Time : Monday, September 12, 2022
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The practice of selling books on the side of the road or on the footpath is quite old. At one time, book lovers had to buy very rare books at very high prices. Some old books had to be bought for Tk 200-300 or more. But now that situation has changed. Many rare and valuable books are being bought from Purana Paltan in the capital for only Tk 20-50.

Among the buyers of these books, apart from book lovers of all classes, there are prominent people, famous poets, writers, researchers and academics. They are regular buyers of these books.

On the spot, it was seen that there are about 50 bookstores on the footpath on the north side from the Purana Paltan intersection in the capital to the House Building Finance Corporation office. A few of these stores sell new books and old office files, clips and some office supplies. Other shops sell books of stories, novels, poems and local and foreign newspapers and magazines. In these shops, books worth Tk 150-200 were sold for only Tk 20!

Meanwhile, along with the old books of various authors, several new books were also seen in the sidewalk shops. Besides, people from small children to old age people were seen buying books.

Purana Paltan’s bookseller Hossain Miah said they have been selling books to readers since the pre-Bangladesh period. Times have changed. No one wants to read books now. Yet, many customers visit our sidewalk bookstore every day. They can collect different types of old books for just Tk 20. Buyers are also very happy to get books at low prices.

Bookseller Hossain said that “due to the sale of books online”, the number of buyers has reduced. Moreover, people are not reading books like before. Earlier when more than 200 books were sold easily every day, there is not much demand now. However, we are selling the books that customers like for just Tk 20.

Book buyer Kajol said he saw books being sold on the sidewalk while walking towards the Purana Paltan intersection to Baitul Mukarram. He then collected a few favorite books and bought several books as each book cost Tk 20.

Another book buyer named Shah Alam said that books of many old and famous authors are available here. The price of these books in the new market is Tk 200-400. But here it is available for only Tk 20-50. That’s why I came here to buy the book.

Fifth-grade student Rumana said she likes to read books. That’s why she came to buy books with her mother. She bought five story books for Tk 100. She will buy more books when she finishes reading.

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