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Razz at Pori’s door again!

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Pori Moni has been separated from Raz for almost two years. After the separation, son Punya is staying with his mother Pori Moni. Since the divorce, they have not met with each other. Raz did not get a chance to meet with his son. While Raz has been quiet during this time, Pori has opened up about her personal life many times. Pori Moni criticized Raz several times accusing him of not fulfilling his responsibilities towards his son. Pori said in an interview a month and a half ago, “Raz is dead to me.”

But suddenly the scene around them both changes. A close source in the film industry says that it has been a month since Raz has visited Pori’s house. The two have met a few times. Raz has already visited Pori Moni’s house several times to see his son.

Pori Moni admits that Raz went to her house. She said, ‘He (Raz) came to my house for another reason. I haven’t met since the divorce. I didn’t even want to meet with him. But suddenly he came to my house a few days ago. At that time some of his important papers were left at my house before leaving home. I kept the papers carefully. Then he came to my house again and took the papers.’

When asked if he had met his son, Pori said, ‘Yes, he will. After all, he is the father of my son. I was cooking at that time then We all ate together. That’s it!’

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