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Remittances are the ‘driving force’ of Bangladesh’s economy, says Hasina

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has underscored the role played by expatriates in bolstering Bangladesh’s economy and image on the global stage.

“The contributions of expatriates have been immense in shaping global opinion during our struggle for independence. They have been instrumental in every movement, and struggle, including the Liberation War. Moreover, the remittances sent by them are the main driving force of Bangladesh’s economy,” she said.

Hasina, who spearheaded the ruling party’s return to power for an unprecedented fourth straight term in the Jan 7 elections, met with expatriate Awami League leaders at her official residence, Gonobhaban, on Tuesday.

Reflecting on the national polls, she expressed her gratitude to the voters for backing the Awami League’s re-election bid, with Hasina now serving her fifth term as prime minister.

The BNP’s boycott cast a shadow over the polls, but the premier believes the opposition campaign ultimately backfired as she questioned the party’s organisational capabilities.

“Despite efforts to dissuade voters, including distributing leaflets urging them not to vote, the people showed remarkable determination to exercise their democratic rights. Their participation was crucial to the success of these elections.”

Underscoring her administration’s commitment to holding fair and transparent elections, she said, “We introduced several electoral reforms. This was necessary to counter the election rigging that occurred under military regimes and to restore the people’s democratic rights.”

Emphasising the Awami League’s governance philosophy, she said, “Under our rule, the people have recognised that the government is their servant. This principle, espoused by the father of our nation, is a guiding light for me as his daughter.”

On the international front, Hasina addressed Bangladesh’s ascent to the ranks of a developing country, which was set to be implemented in 2024 but had to be delayed by two years due to global challenges like the coronavirus pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

The Bangladesh leader waded in on the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, expressing her support for Palestine against the violence inflicted upon its citizens. “Our stance is clear – we support Palestine and condemn the destruction and mass murder inflicted upon its people. Bangladesh has extended aid and will continue to do so.”

Hasina reiterated her commitment to peace, citing Bangladesh’s humanitarian response to the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. “Our focus has always been on fostering peace, not war. We’ve offered refuge to the Rohingya and engaged in dialogue with Myanmar because we want peace.”

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