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Riaz apologizes for attacking journalists in FDC

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Renowned film star Riaz, the former vice-president of the Bangladesh Film Artistes Association (BFAA), has expressed grief over the attack by artists on journalists at the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC). He demanded a fair investigation and trial in this incident.

Clashes took place at the FDC after the swearing-in of the newly elected committee of the Bangladesh Film Artistes Association (BFAA) on Tuesday (April 23) afternoon. At that time, FDC workers attacked the journalists – who were led by some actors. Among them were Shiba Sanu, Alexander Bo, and Joy Chowdhury, organizing secretary of BFAA.

Around 20 people including journalists, cameramen, and YouTubers were injured in this incident. Four of them were seriously injured and admitted to the hospital.

Actor Riaz gave a Facebook status on Tuesday (April 23) night about the matter, where he condemned the shameful incident that happened to the journalists. He also apologized to the journalists and wrote, “Dear journalist brothers, as a film artist, today I am ashamed and sincerely sorry. I apologize to you.”

In this regard, Riaz said, “Journalist brothers create a bridge or match between the audience and our work. It is a very shameful incident that those journalist brothers were beaten so brutally inside the FDC. I am deeply saddened by the pictures and videos I have seen of this incident on social media. It can’t actually happen. There is a lot of difference between a film artist and a terrorist. Film artists cannot play terrorists. I want a fair investigation and trial of this incident.”

It is learned that after taking the oath on this day, Mithun Al Mamun, a journalist of a national daily Khoborer Kagoj, was interviewing Mayuri’s daughter at the association’s office. At that time, actor Shiba Sanu asked that journalist to leave. When he did not want to go, Sanu pushed him out of the office. At that time, some journalists came there and wanted to stop Shiba Sanu.

At that time, another leader of the Artistes Association, actor Joy Chowdhury, yelled “beat them beat them ” at the journalists. Fierce fights started between journalists and artists. Then the situation went out of control. The entire FDC turned into a battlefield. Some journalists were injured in blood condition in the fight.

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