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Shakib Khan to marry this year, looking for bride

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Both Apu Biswas and Shabnam Bubly are now in the past for actor Shakib Khan. A year and a half ago, this popular Dhallywood super star made such a comment in the media. He maintains a good relationship with his two ex-wives for the sake of their children.
These two ex-wives (according to Shakib) often clashed with each other about Shakib. At various times, both of them discussed Shakib Khan in various places including television, online, and print. Shakib was often annoyed by such incidents between the two wives. His family members were also upset.
Bubly gave a lot of information about Shakib Khan’s personal life on a private television last Eid. Once saying, ‘I am still the legal wife of Shakib Khan.’ Shakib did not answer publicly to Bubly’s words, but he was annoyed. However, Apu Biswas publicly commented negatively on Bubly’s statement in the media. These are being discussed in the media for a few days. Although Apu-Bubly talked about him in front of the media for a long time, Shakib Khan avoided the issue and remained silent most of the time. But this time Shakib Khan along with his family is very upset.
According to a close source of Shakib’s family, he wants to get married soon due to these reasons. His family is already on a mission to find the bride.
The family does not want to listen to Apu-Bubly’s various discussions and criticisms about Shakib. Even after separation, they think that these practices and talks of the two wives have to be disgraced by society and relatives. So in Shakib’s opinion, his mother, father, sister, and sister-in-law started to look for a bride.
Shakib’s family source on condition of anonymity told the news that they (Apu Biswas and Bubli) often make various comments on Shakib’s life in various media despite being former. As Shakib Khan is embarrassed by this, his family has to feel uncomfortable. Because of this, Shakib’s family wants to see him married. Shakib Khan is also ready to tie the knot.
A member of Shakib’s family claims that before the release of the movie or even though there is no connection between various incidents in his personal life, Bubly says various things related to Shakib’s personal life, which is a lie. Shakib’s family can also take legal action in future lies like this. Even when she comes to Shakib’s office or home with Shehzad, Bubly gets busy taking pictures.
Later, she revealed them on social media and claimed that she was still in a relationship with Shakib. Shakib is always silent thinking about his child. But this time Shakib forbade Bubly not to come to his office on the pretext of her son Shehzad.
According to sources, it is also known that Shakib wants to marry the girl of his family’s choice. Because he got into complications by marrying his own choice twice before, and he doesn’t want to make a mistake.
Meanwhile, it is heard that a girl from the neighboring district of Dhaka is preferred as Shakib’s wife. The girl has returned home after studying medicine in the UK. Shakib prefers a female doctor as his bride. Many years ago, Shakib told the media he wanted a female doctor as his wife.
If everything goes well, this hero wants to get married by the end of this year.
Not only that, the initial planning of organizing Shakib Khan’s wedding ceremony in a beautiful location of a neighboring country or a beautiful island is from his family
Shakib Khan is currently in India for the shooting of Raihan Rafi’s film ‘Tufan’. He has to shoot continuously for the release of the film on Eid-ul-Azha. According to family sources, he is scheduled to return to the country in the middle of next month after finishing the shooting. More details about his marriage progress will be known after his return.

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