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Sirajganj BSCIC Industrial Park to open by this year

  • Update Time : Monday, June 10, 2024
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  • Construction nearing to cent percent completion
  • PM is expected to inaugurate the park


After several speculations, the long awaited BSCIC Industrial Park in Sirajganj is going to be inaugurated by this year opening a new horizon for the industrial and economic sector of the northern region as the construction work of the project is nearing cent percent completion.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is expected to inaugurate the Industrial Park any time after completion of the project work scheduled to be ended by this June.

If the park goes on operation, it will enable to create job facilities for around 1 lakh people of the region. As a result, many unemployed people especially youths will get jobs as well as it will help to activate the wheel of industry and economy in the region.

Experts said, industrialization is a must for the socio-economic development of the country. BSCIC Industrial Park plays vital role in context of developing small and medium industries. The large portion of the total population in the agriculture rich Bangladesh is dependent on agriculture. But, this sector is now burdened and plagued with excessive manpower. In addition to playing a positive role in the elimination of poverty and unemployment, small and medium enterprises are considered as experimental sector in improving the standard of living of the people.

The view of an installation in the BSCIC Industrial Park in Sirajganj.

In this circumstance, Sirajganj BSCIC Industrial Park doubtlessly will play an important role for the economic growth of the northern people, they added.

According to the sources of Industrial Ministry, the BSCIC Industrial Park is going to be implemented on about 400 acres of lands on the western side of Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge covering several parts of Chhatiyantoli, West Mohonpur, Bonbaria, Beltiya and Morgram Mouza (unit) of Sirajganj Sadar upazila.

It is scheduled to be established at least 570 industries on 829 plots of the park. The work of plot allocation for the small, large and medium industries will start soon. Export and import oriented industries along with native small and medium industries will get highly preference regarding of plot sanction. Apart from this, a lake along with a green circle (fence) will get space in the park covering more than 10 acres of area that will enhance beauty of the park and protect the local environment. Besides, there is a plan of strengthening security measures and extending living facilities including establishment of police outpost, administrative zone, modern health service centre, residential quarters, restaurant and market in the park area.

It is to be mentioned that, the project of Sirajganj BSCIC Industrial Park was undertaken by the government under supervision of Industry Ministry at a cost of about Tk 719.21 crore. It is scheduled to be completed by this June.

Jafar Bayazid, Deputy General Manager and Project Director of BSCIC Industrial Park in Sirajganj told The Daily Sky that, “Despite several obstructions, we have become able to fulfill our goal. We are expecting to complete the construction work of the project by the deadline. Besides, we have taken preparation to publish tender invitation (notice) after holidays of Eid-ul-Azha with the aim to plot allocation. If everything is okayed, the industrial park will be inaugurated by this year. It is also being expected that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the park to fulfill the long cherished dream of the northern people.”

Md. Monwar Hossain, UNO of Sirajganj Sadar along with other officials visited the BSCIC Industrial Park on Monday. But, he did not make any comment in this regard, while this correspondent contacted with him over cell phone.

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