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‘Snake Charmers’ harp echoes no more due to tech growth

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Staff Correspondent:

When people hear the name ‘Snake’ gets scared, but there are many who desire to overcome that fear. For this reason, there are many diverse rituals, worships, myths, and tales associated with snakes.

A few years ago, if someone was bitten by a snake, common people would look for that snake instead of going to the doctor.

These days number of snakes and other species lessening including lizards due to shrinking of forest areas.

However, nowadays village bazaars no longer see ‘snake charmers’ (Sapure) playing the harp and entertain, due to spread of digitalization and information technology which was once the best attraction to the people.

Even in this hard condition, many snake charmers maintained their profession inherited from ancestors.

Hira Nath Sapure, aged 70, who resides in Baurkhuma village adjacent to Bilonia port in Parashuram, Feni. He still clings to the spear he took as a teenager.

For 50 years of his life, he made a living by playing the harp and showing snake game. But now, nobody watches as everyone’s eyes are on mobile phone screen or television screen.

As a result, Hira Nath made the decision to change his occupation so that hunger would not affect him.

Hira Nath said, “People now watch everything on mobile and TV. No one wants to see us play anymore. We are in trouble now.”

He said that snake charmers are changing their profession due to lack of peoples interest.

Feni Sadar Upazila Chairman Shusen Chandrasheel said that the government has taken various initiatives for backward communities. The Prime Minister wants all the people of the society to come in the stream of development.

Parshuram Upazila Chairman Nizam Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury Sajel said, “I have allocated various times for the sapures of Baurkhuma village in my municipality. There will be more steps to improve their quality of life in the future.”

Saiful Islam Chowdhury, Deputy Director of the Department of Social Services, said the government has taken various initiatives to improve the quality of life of Sapures and Bede communities.


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