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Spice prices jump ahead of Eid

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The prices of all types of commodities have shot up ahead of Eid-ul-Adha along with the prices of spices. The demand for spices usually increases, along with the price ahead of Eid ul Adha. The prices of several spices are now higher than before the last Eid. The prices of spices like cardamom, cumin, ginger, garlic and onion have increased in the market in the last one month. Only broiler chicken and some vegetables are on the list of reduced prices in the market.

Traders said that most of the spices in the country depend on imports. Retailers said that since Eid-ul-Fitr, the price of spices has been increasing in the market.

Wholesale traders attributed the rise in prices mainly to two factors. According to them, these two reasons are the increase in the price of some spice products in the world market and the increase in the value of the dollar in the country. Bangladesh Bank fixed the intermediate price of the dollar at Tk 117 last May. At that time, the price of the dollar increased by 7 taka. Importers say that the cost of imports has increased due to the increase in dollar value.

In Shantinagar, Karwan Bazar, and Hatirpool Bazar in the capital, it was seen that cardamom is leading the price increase. A month ago small cardamom was sold at Tk 3,000 to Tk 3,600 per kg. At the retail level, it has now increased to a maximum of tk 4,000. Government organization Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) says that the price of small cardamom was between 1,600 and 2,800 taka last year before Eid ul Adha. As such, the price of the product has increased by more than one and a half times within a year.

On the other hand, the price of large cardamom is slightly higher. It is being sold at a maximum of Tk 4,200 per kg in the retail market. Due to the low production of cardamom in India and Guatemala, the price of the product has increased in both countries. Apart from this, the in the value of dollar is also the reason behind the increase in the price of cardamom in the country’s market.

The demand for cinnamon also increases during Eid. At present, a kg of cinnamon in the market is Tk 560 to Tk 600. Even a month ago it was less than 50 taka per kg. And last year, cinnamon was sold at Tk 460-520 per kg before Eid.

Among other spice products, cloves are currently being sold at Tk 1,760 to Tk 2,000 per kg. Before the last Eid, its price was lower by Tk 200-400 per kg. A kg of coriander is now Tk 240 to Tk 360. A year ago it was 130-160 taka. Bay leaves are being sold at Tk 200-300 per kg. The price of this product has increased by more than 50 taka in a month. Last year at this time, the price of bay leaf was Tk 120-150. Apart from this, Mace is being sold at Tk 4,000, Joyphal at Tk 1,500, Cashew nuts at Tk 1,200 to Tk 1,400, and peanuts at Tk 1,000 to Tk 1,200 per kg. The prices of these products have increased within a month.

However, the price of cumin has been seen to be slightly lower than before the last Eid ul Adha. Cumin seeds are now being sold at Tk 700-880 per kg in the market. According to TCB, cumin was sold at Tk 950 to Tk 1,000 per kg before Eid ul Adha last year. However, compared to a month ago, the price of cumin has increased. Vendors said that a month ago the price of cumin was Tk 30-50 per kg less than the current price.


Now local onions are selling more in the market. A month ago, the price of local onion was Tk 65-75 per kg. Yesterday, it was seen that the onion was sold at the price of 85-90 taka per kg in different markets. According to TCB data, onion prices have increased by Tk 20-40 per kg compared to last year’s Eid ul Adha.

On the other hand, the price of both local and imported garlic has increased by Tk 10-20 per kg within a week. Yesterday, local garlic was sold at Tk 210-230 and imported garlic at Tk 220-250 per kg. The price of ginger, another spice, has also increased by Tk 40-60 per kg. Imported ginger was sold at Tk 280-320 yesterday. The price of local ginger is higher.

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