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SSC, equivalent exams 2024: Significant gains for Madrasa Education Board

  • Update Time : Sunday, May 12, 2024
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The Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board has shown substantial improvement in its performance for this year’s Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent exams, with an increase in both pass rates and top scorers compared to last year.

This year, the Madrasa board achieved a 79.66% pass rate, a notable rise from last year’s 74.70%. Additionally, the number of students securing the highest grade, GPA-5, more than doubled to 14,206 from 6,213 in the previous year.

The Technical Education Board experienced a slight decline in success. It reported an 81.38% pass rate this year, down from 86.35% last year, with 4,078 students achieving a GPA-5, a significant drop from the 18,145 students who earned the top grade last year.

Overall, the SSC exams were conducted at 3,799 centres, involving students from 29,861 institutions under 11 education boards, including nine general education boards.



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