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Substandard cables flood Sirajganj, Bogura markets

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Posing fire risk

Fahad Rahman:
Fake and substandard electric cables and other equipments have flooded markets of the northern region including Bogura due to lax-vigilance of the authorities concerned that posing serious risk of fire disasters.
As a result, devastating fire accidents happen almost every day somewhere of the country including Bogura, Sirajganj, Pabna and Natore district claiming lives. In addition, the amount of economic loss from fire disasters increases regularly. Insiders said, some of those fake and substandard electric goods are being imported from abroad, while some are being produced locally. Those goods basically cables are being sold at retail and wholesale markets using several names of branded companies. Fake seals, logos and stickers are used with the below standard goods in the name of original. Not only that fake warrantee and guarantee are also provided with the products in a bid to grow confident to the mind of customers. But, customers are being swindled after purchasing the counterfeit electric goods, which are being sold using fake stickers or levels of different branded companies. But, there is no one to see the matter.
Seeking anonymity, some traders of Sirajganj and Bogura said, they collect various types of fake and low-quality electric products including fans, water pumps, bulbs, tube lights, LED lights, electric switches, sockets, cutouts, holders, regulators, multi-plugs and electric cables from Gulistan, Patuatuli, Nawabpur and Chakbazar markets and then sell in different local markets saying original. Sometimes, they realize low prices compared to the prices of original ones in which customers are attracted to them.
Sometimes, some electric goods are sold on rickshaws or vans at different road sides along with loud speakers. Hawkers sell different types of LED bulbs at a price of Tk 100 declaring market price at Tk 300. Customers purchase the bulbs eagerly for low price, but those become out of order soon after few days of use.
During a spot visit to Sirajganj and Bogura’s markets, this correspondent found that, a coil of Bizli Cables was sold at Tk 250 in a shop, while some cables was sold at Tk 150 at another shop. A coil of 70/76 FR cable was sold at Tk 600 in a shop, while another shop sell the same item at Tk 300 confusing the customers.
Seeking anonymity, a shopkeeper said, “Same coil of wire is sold at Tk 4500 instead of Tk 10,000 on the basis of standards. Buyers feel comfort to buy goods with cheaper rate instead of judging standards.”
Sabur Ali, who is constructing a multistoried resident at Sirajganj town, expressed his dissatisfactory and said, “I am totally confused as different shops seek different prices for the same products. Many shopkeepers sell fake and below standard cables claiming original and branded goods. But most of the goods are contaminated and substandard that poses threat of fire accidents.”
Experts said, due to use of substandard cables, fire incidents occur frequently at different places in the country. Though, the authorities concerned conduct drives against such goods and realize fines several times, the traders resume the business of fake cables again soon after the drives. Consequently, such practices are not reducing.

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