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The price of the mask is rising amid the panic of the second wave of corona

  • Update Time : Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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The winter has started to grow slowly. At the same time, the panic of the second wave of coronavirus infection is increasing. The price of masks has started to rise around the second wave of winter and corona. The price of each mask has gone up from Rs 2 to Rs 10 in a week. The price per box has increased from 20 to 50 rupees.

Talking to wholesalers and retailers, this information about the price of the mask has come up.Meanwhile, there are mandatory instructions from the government to use masks to prevent coronavirus infection. Mobile court campaigns are underway to ensure the use of masks again. In addition to fines, masks are also being distributed during the operation. But the public is blaming the ‘profiteering attitude of dishonest traders’ as the reason for the sudden rise in mask prices.

The use of masks is increasing among all classes of people in the capital, from public transport passengers to pedestrians and traders, due to the government’s ongoing campaigns and awareness activities. Those who did not use masks regularly or were reluctant to do so are also forced to use masks. Again, with the onset of winter, many are worried about the spread of corona. Buyers and sellers are also complaining that prices are being raised by taking advantage of the opportunity to increase demand with the mandatory use of masks.

Mahmud, a wholesale mask trader in the capital’s Paltan area, said there was no crisis. “We are traders. What will we do if prices rise?” There is no shortage of masks in the market but prices are still rising. Even a week ago people bought masks at lower prices, we also sold. But now the price of a box mask has been increased from 20 to 50 rupees. Then we will sell at a higher price. Those who make or import masks are well aware of the rising cost of masks. However, people are buying masks in fear that the price of corona is increasing due to winter even though the prices have gone up; But he is buying less.

The reporter spoke to at least five traders in front of the Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) market in the capital.

They said, ‘I sold four masks for 10 rupees a few days ago but now I can’t. As the price per box has gone up, two masks have to be sold at 10 rupees. In fact, raising prices has become a bad culture in our country. Now I hear that corona is increasing during the winter and the government has also instructed to use masks. In that opportunity, importers and producers are stockpiling masks and raising prices to make more profit. Besides, I don’t see any reason. ‘

Vendors say surgical masks and N-95 masks are in high demand. We have sold a box of 50 surgical masks at Rs 60-70 and packets of 10 N-95 masks at Rs 200-225 at wholesale prices. But now the surgical mask has to be bought for 120 to 150 rupees and the N-95 mask for 250 rupees.

Talking to a buyer who came to buy a mask. He said, ‘What do we have to do if the price goes up? We have to go out after the mask. Even a week ago I bought a box mask for 100 rupees, now I can’t buy it for less than 130-150 rupees. The prices of all types of masks including surgical, N-95 and cloth making have gone up. I think the government should ensure the supply of masks to the common people without taking them hostage. There is no income for people in Corona, they have to wear masks again. So how can these people buy masks at higher prices every few days? All this is trouble! ‘

Zakir Hossain was buying a mask from a hawker in the bus. When asked about the price, he said, ‘I have to go out every day. You have to buy even if the price goes up, you have to buy even if it goes down again. We have no other chance.

In this regard, the owner of the mask supplier organization Medical Market BD. Belayet told Jago News, ‘The price of the mask was higher than before. Sometimes it decreased a little. Now there is not enough supply as imports have stopped again. Having to do business with the previous mask. This is because even 20 percent of the previously imported masks have not been sold. Now that the use of masks has increased, the price may have gone up a bit.( Source: Online)

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