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There’s no chance of dating Razz: Mandira

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Debutant actress Mandira Chakraborty played titular role in the historic-themed film, ‘Kajolrekha’. She was paired with actor Shariful Razz in the film.
The film is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Giasuddin Selim. Mandira is being applauded for her acting skills. The cast and crew of the film are busy with the promotion of the film. Mandira Chkraborty recently gave an interview about ‘Kajolrekha’ with an online news portal. At the time Mandira also gave straight cut answers on various controversial topics. However, most of them were regarding actor Shariful Razz. Mandira was asked that Razz had three of his films released on this Eid. He had three different actresses to work with in those films and Mandira Chakraborty is one of them. Who is he spending more time with, Bubly or Mandira? In response the actress said, “He had three films released and he should give equal amount of time to all three of them. To me, three projects mean they all are like my children.” “It’s not like I’d love one of them more over the others. After all when I’m doing a project, I’m putting in hundred per cent effort. I think all three of them should be given equal attention,” she added.
There are rumours going around now centering Razz and Mandira. How would you feel if there’s a gossip on a romantic link-up? Replying to this she said, “I was prepared for this. There’s bound to be gossip.” When asked how long she and Razz were dating, the actress responded, “Was this bound to happen? We are very good friends. There’s no chance of dating actually. I can say that he has become a very good friend of mine. We hadn’t yet become friends while shooting, because we didn’t talk that much back then.” “We were shooting for the film in 2022. Back then, he wasn’t living the same life he’s living now. His child was just born at that time and he was living in his own life. We had just met for the first time then. We used to talk as much as it was required as colleagues,” she added. “But during the promotion of the film we were travelling to different places. So it’s only natural that you would form a sort of bonding with the person you are regularly going out with for work,” said Mandira.

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