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They doing nothing but talk about me; Shakib says he’s very upset

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Renowned Dhallywood actress Shobnom Bubly gave a special interview on a private television on Eid. After that, the showbiz arena became active. At the same time, netizens are having arguments on social media. However, Apu Biswas, ‘Dhallywood Queen’-fame actress and Shakib Khan’s first wife, has recently opened up about this, though Shakib Khan is literally annoyed over this.

In that private television interview, Bubly commented that “she and Shakib are legally still husband and wife”. Besides, she also said that “Shakib’s marriage with Apu did not happen at all and the reason is the religion of the two”.

Expressing some anger about Apu, Bubly said that the relationship turned to crack due to the intervention of a third person. Bubly’s remarks are questioned by the fact that Apu hates Bubly as a third person but praises Shakib.

Meanwhile, Apu got very upset with Bubly after that interview. She also got very angry with Shakib. That’s why, Apu didn’t want to go to Shakib’s house with his son Joy on Eid. Later, at the request of Shakib’s family, she went to their house.

It is learned that like Apu, Shakib is also very upset with Bubly’s remarks. People close to Shakib say that “Shakib spends time with his loved ones after finishing prayers on the day of Eid. The reason for his happiness on this day was the release of his new movie ‘Rajkumar’ in theatres. But that joy spoiled Shakib’s happiness. Bubly’s comment made Shakib feel uncomfortable.

So Shakib commented on Bubly. “I have already cleared everything. Why are they making new issues two days in a row about this,” he said.

Shakib also said that “they have nothing to do but talk about me. I’m really very upset.”

Mentioned that Shakib broke up with Bubly after separating from Apu. After that, Shakib made it clear to the media that Bubly, like Apu, is a thing of the past for him. Shakib Khan says he will have contact with Apu and Bubli “only to fulfill the responsibility of the child”.

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