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Used to watch movies with Salami’s money: Tanha Tasnia

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Tanha Tasnia, an actress of this generation, paired with star actor Mosharraf Karim for 9 dramas during the Eid festival. Tanha is excited to act with her favorite actor. So, she will wait for the audience’s response on Eid.

“Mosharraf Bhai is an institution. He is a great actor. I learned a lot from him during the shot. How to give it a shot? What will the expression be? He carefully explained to me,” said Tanha, in response to acting with Mosharraf Karim.

Tanha will be seen in a total of 11 dramas this Eid. Among these is a seven-episode serial “Mission Foys Lake” and the remaining ten single dramas. Tanha has also participated in JVCO TV commercials and photoshoots for various brands.

Talking about the experience of shooting in Ramadan, Tanha said that she suffered a terrible experience in the summer. She had to break a fast while shooting outdoors. There was a shooting in the street and the outlet of Testy Treat was next to it. When there was no shot, I used to sit under the AC.

Tanha said that she had to break her fast on the set on most days. “I like to have Iftar on the set. There is no shortage of fruits. He or she who does not fast also sits with us. I only need coconut water,” she said.

Tanha will watch movies on Eid. “After acting, my favorite activities are traveling and watching movies. I will watch ‘Rajkumar’ first. Shakib Khan is my favorite hero. Last time, I saw ‘Priyotoma’ four times. I will watch other movies too,” she said.

As usual, Tanha will spend Eid in Dhaka. She said that no one lives in the village. So we celebrate Eid in Dhaka. Mom cooks all the delicious food. I like Tehari, roast, pudding, semai. Childhood Eid was good. We used to go grandmother’s house. I used to watch movies with Salami’s money. I used to have a picnic. There was a festive atmosphere.

“I still get Salami and give those to the children again. As I am the eldest daughter of the family, I have to give to the younger. Receive gifts from different brands and give gifts to close people. There are also gifts for drivers and porters,” Tanha added.

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