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Violence in Rakhine, BGB remains alert to prevent Rohingya infiltration

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There were no reports of fresh clashes between the military and the Arakan Army, the country’s armed rebel group, in Myanmar’s Rakhine state on Saturday. The situation there is at a standstill.

Desk Report:

Last Friday, fierce clashes broke out between the two sides in Buchidong and Phumali areas of Rakhine. It spread among the Rohingya in Rakhine. the Rohingyas tried to go here and there to save their lives. Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is on alert to prevent Rohingyas from re-infiltrating Bangladesh in such a situation.

On Saturday night, Teknaf 2 Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Mohiuddin confirmed this information to the media. He said that because of the ongoing conflict in Rakhine, the Rohingyas have been trying to infiltrate Bangladesh for a couple of days. However, due to the strengthening of security in the border areas, Myanmar’s minority Muslim population has returned to their original homes. We are on 24-hour alert to deal with any situation.

It has been reported that because of fierce fighting between the two sides in Rakhine, a part of the BGB has been deployed from the Bandarban border area to the Myanmar border area of Cox’s Bazar district and surveillance has been increased.

Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud said in response to reporters’ questions at the Government Guest House Padma yesterday afternoon, “The exciting situation in Myanmar’s Rakhine state did not happen suddenly today. The tension has been going on for quite some time. Our border guards have been on alert there for a long time. The exciting situation in Rakhine may have a negative impact on Rohingya repatriation.”

Referring to the reluctance of the government to re-enter the Rohingyas, Hasan Mahmud said, “We provided shelter to the Rohingyas because of humanity. The Rohingyas who have entered our country have created security and environmental problems here. The camps have become breeding grounds for extremism and terrorist groups. Apart from this, terrorist groups try to recruit their members from Rohingya camps.”

Myanmar’s local media Narinjara reported that last Friday, the Arakan Army started a fierce battle with the army to take control of the cities of Mrak U, Minbia, Kyakto and Rathidong after completely controlling the Rakhine port city of Paktao. A fierce battle erupted between the two sides when the army’s Ninth Command area was attacked in the strategically important area of Kaladan Valley early on Friday morning. The 9th Command Area of the Myanmar Army located in Kyakto area is considered as an important installation.

Another news outlet of the country, The Arkan Express News, reported that counter-attacks have been going on in Arakan for several days. Junta forces attacked a Rohingya village in Buchidong with heavy weapons last Thursday. It has been reported that three people have been killed. Two houses in Buchidong were also burnt by bombs on Friday. However, it is not yet known which party dropped the bomb. Thousands of local residents are fleeing the area in fear. It has created a fear of crossing the Bangladesh border and entering inside.

According to a report by Radio Free Asia, hundreds of thousands of Rakhine residents have left the state as Myanmar’s army battles escalated with the Arakan Army. Clashes between the two sides could intensify — forcing people to leave the area, fearing.

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